Ivana Trump Passed Away At The Age Of 73

Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of former US President Donald Trump, died on Thursday, July 14, at the age of 73. Around lunchtime, the Czech-American entrepreneur died in her New York City residence. Donald Trump announced her death on his Truth Social social media platform. Following that, the Trump family issued a formal statement in which they paid respect to the late first wife of the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump wrote in the post:

“I am very sorry to tell all of those who loved her, of whom there are many, that Ivana Trump died in her New York City residence… Her three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, were her pride and delight. She was ecstatic for them, as we were for her.”

He also described his late first wife as a “lovely, beautiful, and fantastic lady who had a tremendous and inspiring life.”

Ivana Trump’s cause of death and other details about her death

The late Czechoslovakian native was discovered unconscious at the foot of a set of steps at her New York house, according to ABC News. According to New York City Police Department (NYPD) sources, Ivana Trump was declared deceased at her Upper East Side residence. They also said that an inquiry is now ongoing to determine if she had fallen down the steps. According to police sources, a medical examiner will later examine the remains to determine the cause of her death.

Ivana Trump

Meanwhile, TMZ said that at roughly 12:30 p.m., NYPD sources responded to a call made from the location. The magazine also stated that Ivana Trump had a heart attack. The ailment might have also contributed to the businesswoman’s and author’s collapse. However, the reason for the cardiac arrest has yet to be discovered.

The Trump family reacts to Ivana Trump’s death.

Eric Trump and his wife Lara, son of Ivana and Donald Trump, were also seen outside the New York City skyscraper. According to ABC News, Eric briefly addressed the journalists outside the building and said:

“Today has been a terribly terrible day.”

Later, the family issued an official statement in which they described Ivana as “a business force, a world-class athlete, a bright beauty, and compassionate mother and friend.” It went on to say:

“Ivana Trump had survived. She left communism and came to love this nation. She instilled in her children courage and resilience, compassion and drive.”

The marriage and divorce of Ivana and Donald Trump

Ivana Trump allegedly married Donald Trump in 1977, her second marriage. The Czech Republic native was not a US citizen at the time of their marriage. However, after more than a decade of marriage, she became a naturalized citizen of the nation in 1988.

Donald Jr. (born in 1977), Ivanka (born in 1981), and Eric were born to the previous spouse (born in 1984). During their marriage, the late 73-year-old held many senior roles for her then-husband, Donald Trump’s, business interests. She allegedly worked as a vice president of interior design and oversaw the Plaza Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Prior to her divorce from Trump in 1992, Ivana was the CEO and president of Trump’s Castle casino resort.

Ivana Trump

Prior to her divorce from Trump in 1992, she was also the CEO of Trump’s Castle casino resort. Six years after their divorce, the entrepreneur invested in many Croatian businesses. She also created her own cosmetics and apparel companies and skied competitively around the United States.