IU’s Musical Creativity Has Always Been Influenced By Her Age


While K-Pop singer and actress IU is just 28 as per aging Western norms, she is almost 30 according to how age is determined in Korea. In a recent talk with Marie Claire (via Soompi), the Hotel Del Luna actress discussed how she is coping with the thought of leaving her twenties behind: by continuing to be a good musician and without restricting herself as an actor.

Age has always affected IU’s music production.

For IU, age has not been simply a number as she has felt herself maturing with time. She recalled how while she was watching the end-of-year awards program at home on New Year’s Eve and suddenly felt exhilarated, something she hadn’t experienced in a very long time.


“In the second part of my 20s, I felt a little of lethargy and malaise, so it was the first time in a while that I’d been enthused. I felt so amazing that it suddenly gave me faith that I could achieve anything. Maybe it’s because it’s still early in the year, but I still get that feeling.”

IU revealed she is terrified of a moment when she won’t have the perfect “physical condition that I desire” to continue being creative. Thus, she concluded that “health was the most important.” To continue working for an extended period, she needs to be aware of how she takes care of herself. The performer stated that from a “musical perspective,” too, her songs have been a homage to her changing age. An example is her song “Lilac,” her “farewell” to her 20s, and “a remembrance of me becoming 29.”


Her attitude is different when it comes to acting.

While the star’s age plays a crucial part in choosing the aspects her music relies on, she wants to take chances and seek new roles as an actress. The ideas that I had at that time of my life may be conveyed via my music as a producer. Acting, on the other hand, isn’t about myself or my work. Not limiting myself is the most fantastic way to become a versatile actor,” I believe. IU wants to be an actress “the audience is eager to spend their time in” by the time she is 30 in the next ten years, regardless of the kind of movie she is working on. And she hopes to be able to keep “curious” people as a successful artist.