Is Thomas Ravenel Dating Anyone In 2023? A Look Into His Relationship

Thomas Ravenel

Thomas Ravenel made his broadcast debut on Bravo’s reality show Southern Charm. I presented him as a former South Carolina treasurer who wanted to work in politics. Ravenel’s love life gained center stage in the series as the seasons progressed until he was fired from the program after a sexual assault controversy. Throughout his tenure on the program, he dated a number of ladies, but nothing ever seemed to work out. It is unknown if he currently has a girlfriend. However, here is a breakdown of his love life, as it was largely shown in the series.

Former Girlfriend Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel

Ravenel and his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis, began dating after meeting on the Bravo program in 2014. Even though numerous other castmates attempted to pursue the model, the former treasurer, who was 50 and almost twice Dennis’s age, won her over.


Everything looked to be easy at first in their relationship, but gradually fractures formed. They had their first child, Kensington Calhoun, in 2014, and soon after, they divorced for the first time. Later, his girlfriend said that Ravenel distanced her from her friends and family and pushed her to conceal her pregnancy. However, the couple temporarily reconnected in 2015, which resulted in the birth of their second child, Saint Julien. They split up in 2016 when Dennis discovered Ravenel was not a trustworthy partner.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel

After Ravenel and his fiancée split up, he began dating Ashley Jacobs, who appeared on the program in seasons 5 and 6. Fans followed the former couple’s turbulent relationship, including Jacobs’ angry arguments with Dennis. The couple dated for nearly a year before finally calling it quits in August 2018.

They didn’t say why they parted up, but during their time together, the former lawmaker was accused of sexual assault by “nanny Dawn,” who looked after his two children with his ex-girlfriend. Ashley Perkins, a real estate agent, also accused him of assaulting her mother. Ravenel and her mother had their first date in October 2015 after meeting on Tinder.

Thomas Ravenel

“I mean, if you’re dating someone and there are accusations [against them], you can understand how stressful it is.” Then there’s custody, the children’s show, and two individuals attempting to be in a relationship. “It wasn’t meant to be,” the nurse said. She went on to say that it was the worst year of her life.

Heather Mascoe and Thomas Ravenel

Ravenel went on with Heather Mascoe after the breakup. They dated for two years before he proposed to her. “I’m getting married to Heather Mascoe.” “I’m a fortunate guy!” he posted on October 14, 2020, and his Twitter profile has since read “engaged.” He and Mascoe had their first kid together on June 29, 2020, and presented his son to the world through Twitter on August 6, 2020, before getting engaged.

Thomas Ravenel

Fans believed the pair were doing well until they declared it quits in August 2021. Ravenel said that they terminated their engagement to concentrate on their children, but their relationship remained stronger than ever. The former Bravo host said that the two will remain friends and co-parent peacefully.