Is Teddy Long Dating Nia Jax? Explore His Relationship Timeline

Teddy Long

The nature of the connection between professional wrestler Nia Jax and former professional wrestling referee Teddy Long is unknown. During a podcast interview, former SmackDown manager Teddy Long praised Nia Jax’s comeback and humorously exposed his flirtatious side. Long referred to her as a darling and expressed admiration for her ability to defend herself.

Theodore Robert Rufus Long (born September 15, 1947) is an American retired professional wrestling referee.
Furthermore, he is a manager and authority figure most recognized for his roles in the NWA, WCW, and WWE.
Theodore Long, also known as Teddy Long, started his career with the National Wrestling Alliance.

He made his WWE (then-World Wrestling Federation) debut as a referee in 1998. Teddy became an on-screen manager in 2003. Later, he was SmackDown’s general manager for two stints totaling six years, as well as ECW’s general manager. In 2017, Ron Simmons and John Layfield inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Teddy Long’s Dating Life

Following some backstage flirtation, Long was cast as Kristal Marshall’s on-screen lover in April 2007. Seeking an assistant to spend more time with Kristal, he hired Vickie Guerrero as his new assistant on May 25, 2007, motivated in part by Kristal’s recommendation. Long proposed to Kristal on the June 22, 2007, edition of SmackDown, and she originally fled out of the ring in tears before agreeing to marry him. Ron Simmons was chosen as the best man for “Theodore Rufus Long” and Kristal’s wedding on the July 27, 2007 edition of SmackDown.

Teddy Long

The wedding date was set for September 21, 2007, in Long’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, the ceremony was constantly disrupted and left unfinished when Teddy had a heart attack just as he was about to say “I do,” going into a coma. The suggested plot did not come to a satisfactory conclusion since Marshall departed WWE shortly after, claiming creative disagreements.

Teddy Long And Nia Jax

WWE star Teddy Long said that he hopes his “girlfriend” Nia Jax wins the Women’s Royal Rumble match on Saturday night. Many people felt Teddy Long and Nia Jax were in a relationship based on how Teddy spoke about her in an episode of The Wrestling Time Machine. Teddy Long praised Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley during an appearance on The Wrestling Time Machine podcast.

Later, Long jokingly called Jax his girlfriend and claimed that she would win the Women’s Royal Rumble battle.

Nia Jax

 “Rhea Ripley, my God. She is doing a fantastic job. This lady is exceptional. I don’t usually take the time to sit and watch stuff. I’ll watch, but I’ll soon go on to something else. But she can entice me. I saw her promos; she’s fantastic in the ring, and she’s got what it takes. To go back to my girlfriend Nia Jax, I previously mentioned to her that if she doesn’t get this item, I’ll throw her out. “So Nia is bringing it home.”

Teddy and Nia have not made any public statements confirming their relationship, nor has any other source done so.