Is Masayoshi Son a WeWork Investor, As Revealed In The Fourth Episode Of WeCrashed?

WeCrashed episode

WeCrashed’s latest episode is sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats. The episode, directed by Cory Finley and written by Zenzele Price, focused on the much-needed funds and Adam’s less-than-perfect judgments. The episode, titled 4.4, featured Adam’s pleasant side as well as the near-collapse of WeWork.

Let’s analyze and comprehend the finale of this episode of WeCrashed without further ado. There are spoilers in this article.

Conclusion of episode 4 of WeCrashed

Rebekah is feeling neglected by her husband Adam as the fourth episode of WeCrashed approaches its conclusion, so she contacts Elishia Kennedy, a clever entrepreneur with a juice empire. When Adam met Elishia at the WeWork headquarters, he presented her with a unique approach to joining the organization, to which she surprisingly agreed.

WeCrashed episode
WeCrashed episode

While the firm benefited from the addition of a smart intellect, Rebekah lost a friend, making her feel even more alone. On the other side, Adam was looking forward to seeing Masayoshi Son, the billionaire and founder-CEO of SoftBank, at the headquarters.

When Masa arrives, Adam makes the crew rehearse and curates a specific appearance or even presentation. Masa comes after months of rescheduling and is caught aback by Adam’s unconventional working style more than the company’s financials. Masa handed Adam a figure, the type that might transform WeWork’s future and turn it into a billion-dollar business.

After his meeting with Masa, Adam returns home and looks for Rebekah, who is crying happily. Rebekah is unhappy at first, but after seeing the amount scrawled on the iPad, she realizes and weeps tears of joy.

Masayoshi Son’s investment in WeWork

Adam seemed to have charmed Masa with his smart intellect to the point that he didn’t care about the financials or the fact that WeWork was losing $2.4 million per day. Thanks to Adam’s presentation at the Start-Up India conference, the two developed a deeper bond beyond simply the investor meeting.

Masa was able to connect with Adam because he understood what it’s like to be an outsider and the discrimination that comes with it. He compared it to Adam’s rough past and bullying at school, which he discussed during the conference. Masa was so impressed by Adam’s charisma that he promised to invest a total of $4.4 billion, shocking Adam to his core.

Elishia Kennedy’s Choice To Join WeWork

Elishia’s choice to even consider Adam’s offer was influenced by Rebekah’s allure. Elishia was inspired by her fictitious description of herself and his life, and when she met Adam, she was taken aback by his boldness. His approach piqued her interest, and Rebekah’s acceptance clinched the deal for the business.

Later in this episode of WeCrashed, Adam informs Rebekah about Elishia’s choice, which makes her unhappy because she would no longer have a friend by her side, especially because Elishia did not inform her. WeCrashed’s most recent episode is now available on AppleTV+.