Is ‘Love It or List It’ Scripted?

Is 'Love It or List It

The eighth season of HGTV’s reality series Love It or List It is now running. It was first shown on television in 2008. The show’s summary states that interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin restore properties and ask their owners if they want to remain or sell. Despite its rising popularity, there have been allegations that the program is a hoax.

Is Love It or List It Show Real?

Since its start, the long-running program has followed the same formula. Each episode opens with a homeowner reporting problems with their property and being given a remodeling option. While one-half of the owners refuse to accept the offer, the other half insist on it. The refurbished building is then placed up for sale. Farrand Visentin assists the owners in their decision-making process, dividing them for dramatic effect.

'Love It or List It'
‘Love It or List It’

While Farr advocates maintaining the property, Visentin proposes selling it. According to ChetSheet, the series’ creators encourage owners and potential buyers to choose opposing sides despite a natural affinity between them. In the episode, the homeowners don’t follow Farr’s recommendations and reject Visentin’s first new house alternative.

Farr overcomes a construction/financial problem that forces her to quit a project, and Visentin magically finds a new dwelling. The episode ends with the owners being asked whether they “Love” Farr’s suggestion or sell with the agent.

Some observers say the fight between Farr and Visentin is a fabrication.

Is ‘Love It or List It’s a staged event?

According to reports, the program Love It or List It follows a script in which participants are coached on what to say and how to behave during production. According to Country Living, who referenced a former guest on the program, owners who wish to stay in their restored houses wind up relocating elsewhere. Similarly, people who suggest listing it wind up living in it.



According to a Reddit post by a user whose family has previously been on the program, the showrunners tape multiple endings and then determine which recording makes the final edit. The procedure results in the display of a bogus output. According to the Redditor, their uncle and aunt were previously on the program and were obliged to film two sections of their final choice. Despite offering their home for sale, they continued to live in it.

According to another revelation, the residences represented for sale in the series aren’t truly for sale. According to another account, Farrand Visentin seldom meets the owners, as shown by their incidents. The parts with the interior designer and real estate agent are shot as they are rehearsed. However, when Farr was apparently approached for her opinions on the program’s charges, she disputed it, stating the show is “not staged at all” and the homeowners’ emotions, including the crises they face, are not fabricated.