Is Kody Brown Looking To Marry A New Wife After Divorcing With Meri Brown?

Kody Brown

Kody Brown, the leader of TLC’s long-running series Sister Wives, was believed to be marrying a new wife – his fifth — in the early weeks of 2021. When the rumors became too much for him, his four wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown were questioned by Entertainment Tonight in February 2021 to find out more about the situation. The family’s connections with one another have had their fair share of ups and downs. Let’s look at some of the facts that led up to the rumors.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown’s Supposed Divorce

Kody was embroiled in a romantic squabble that resulted in his divorce from his first wife in 2015. Meri mentioned a divorce confirmation email in ‘A Secret Marriage.’ She told Robyn, “It’s unusual, but I’m OK.” Meri said the legal separation procedure was unpleasant, but she saw the bigger picture thereafter.

Kody Brown
Kody Brown

Prior to the divorce, she turned to Instagram and posted a mysterious remark that said, “You’re a savage. Consider all you’ve accomplished. Don’t give up just yet, “Adding gasoline to the fire of marital discord. Fans of Sister Wives questioned if the onscreen turmoil was genuine or manufactured even after the formal separation was highlighted on the television show.

Kody acknowledged their divorce was legal in an April 2018 interview, adding he did not want to be in an intimate relationship with Meri. In the year 2021, their relationship had taken a new turn. Meri said that she was back with her spouse, who claimed that they “never split.” “I don’t want to give any secrets away, but I’m here,” she told ET with a bright grin.

Is Kody Brown Engaged with a New Wife?

The journalist asked the Brown women about rumors of a new wife during the video chat. Meri, Kody’s first wife, said “super fans” and gossip mags started the myth in season one. “That’s what they’ve been talking about for a long time,” Meri pointed out.

In her last reply, she dismissed the charges, indicating that a new wife entering the polygamous household was not possible. The suspicions may have been sparked by his fourth wife, Robyn, in which who claimed that her husband was spending too much time with her during the pandemic period on January 2, 2021. She desired to spend less time with her husband as a multiple wife, which was the situation before the epidemic.

“That’s not what I signed up for,” Robyn said. Furthermore, she confessed that her spouse was dissatisfied with her, which made their relationship difficult. During her conversation with Janelle, Robyn said that she received several dating proposals from other guys, which she declined since she believed her independence would be jeopardized in a committed relationship. Robyn admitted she was disappointed in her marriage to Kody.

Is ‘Sister Wives’ a Scam?

The program captivated viewers and made the Brown family famous for many years after it first aired. On March 15, 2016, Radar Online released an article stating that the popular series was a hoax. According to the magazine, one of the Brown family’s cousins said that the family conflict shown in the reality program was fabricated. Only Kody and Meri were officially married, according to the allegation, while the other three were his “spiritual spouses.”