Is Brandon Boyd, The Frontman of Incubus, Dating ‘Starz’ Actress Sarah Hay?

Brandon Boyd

Brandon Boyd, who is frequently seen with beautiful women, has recently been rumored to be dating Sarah Hay. So, is Hay his new flame? Is the musician dating again after calling it quits on a 10-year relationship with Baelyn Elspeth?

Boyd and Hay’s Instagram Relationship

On February 14, 2020, the charismatic singer posted a painting titled “Sarah with red spirals” by himself. Hay’s naked art was depicted in the painting, with a red spiral drawn in various parts of her body. He went on to thank Hay for allowing him to photograph her in his caption.

Brandon Boyd Sarah Hay
Brandon Boyd Sarah Hay

Whether the two are dating or ‘buddies’ working together remains unanswered. However, based on recent Instagram posts, we lean toward the latter.

Brandon Boyd’s Previous Relationships

Since breaking into the music industry, the singer has been paired with a slew of stunning models. His fans are often curious about which of his girlfriends will become his wife, but he has yet to go beyond the dating stage. He had a long relationship with Carolyn Murphy, an Estee Lauder supermodel, and his most recent long-term girlfriend, Baelyn Elspeth.

Elspeth and Boyd had been married for ten years. During an interview with Sharp magazine, the singer revealed that his eighth studio album contains snippets of his ex-girlfriend. In addition, he discussed how he wrote the album while his relationship with his model girlfriend was developing.

In third grade, Brandon Boyd was pursued by girls.

For many, Incubus’ lead singer can easily be portrayed as an icon. Although his infamous shirtless videos are to blame, sources claim he has been a chick magnet since childhood. Boyd’s mother, Dolly Wiseman, and brother, Darren, came forward in an exclusive interview with Angel Fire and revealed some personal details about his life.

They all agreed that Boyd has always had a magnetic attraction to women, but he was usually shy around them. The singer’s brother recounted an incident that occurred when the singer was in third grade. When their mother came to pick them up from school, an older girl would kiss and maul Boyd. But he would cry and push her away because he was a shy kid.

Similarly, a sixth-grade girl followed him home when he was in fourth grade. He invited the girl to come over and play. Later, the singer returned to the kitchen and informed his mother that the girl had been kissing him and that he enjoyed it.

Brandon Boyd Net worth

Brandon Boyd’s net worth is about $2 million as of December 2023.