Is Alex Cooper the undisputed Podcasting Queen?

Alex Cooper podcast

Few figures in the ever-changing world of podcasting are as dynamic and essential as Alex Cooper. Alex Cooper’s rapid rise and subsequent evolution as the driving force behind the massively successful “Call Her Daddy” podcast has regularly attracted headlines. This essay delves into her life, from the beginnings of ‘Call Her Daddy’ to her most recent revolutionary initiative.

Summary of Alex Cooper

2018“Call Her Daddy” podcast launched.
2019Emerged as one of the most popular podcasts.
2020Sofia Franklyn exits “Call Her Daddy”.
2021Cooper’s landmark three-year deal with Spotify.
2023Launch of the Unwell Network.
2023Alex Cooper’s net worth stands at $30 million.

The Origins of Call Her Daddy

“Call Her Daddy” quickly drew the attention of the titans. Barstool Sports recognized its potential and purchased it less than a month after its debut. Not only did the acquisition make news, but the nature of the podcast sparked debate, making it a contentious yet trendsetting name in the digital arena. It was shamelessly bold from the start, concentrating on sex, relationships, and pop culture.

Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper

Evolution of Call Her Daddy

The one constant in life is change, and “Call Her Daddy” is no exception. When co-host Sofia Franklyn left in 2020, the show underwent a big shift. Alex Cooper took on the role of a lone host during this shift. Alex delved into additional territory, covering professional advice, mental well-being, and self-growth, in addition to the initial subjects.

Open Discussions and Chaos

Alex excels at relatability. Her open and honest talks with celebrities and athletes set her apart. Her approach to discussing commonly considered “taboo” themes has won her a large young audience. Furthermore, her candid discussions about personal struggles, such as dealing with anxiety and the difficulties of wedding planning, make her seem more genuine.

The Spotify Agreement and Beyond

The year 2021 was a watershed moment for “Call Her Daddy” and Alex Cooper. The podcast became an exclusive member of the platform’s programming after signing a three-year, $60 million deal with Spotify. This arrangement not only confirmed the show’s popularity but also elevated Cooper to the top tier of podcasters worldwide. Aside from the show, Alex has used her platform to advocate for women’s rights and important societal issues such as sexual harassment.

Influence in the Industry and Future Forecasts

Alex Cooper is a trendsetter, not just a podcaster. Her impact has been critical in propelling podcasting into the mainstream, opening openings for other female voices. The industry is watching her closely as she continues to dominate and innovate, and many believe that her reign in podcasting will last for years.

Alex Cooper’s path from the early episodes of ‘Call Her Daddy’ to her current status as a podcasting titan exemplifies the power of genuine storytelling and honesty. Her tenacious effect on podcasting remains unrivaled as she continues to chart new territory and connect profoundly with listeners.

Beyond the Unwell Network

Cooper passed another big milestone in 2023. She delved deeper into the world of mental health and wellness podcasts with the establishment of the Unwell Network. This network, which includes shows by Cooper and other well-known podcasters, strives to de-stigmatize mental health concerns and provide support to individuals who are dealing with them.


Q1: When did the “Call Her Daddy” podcast premiere?
Answer: The podcast debuted in 2018.

Q2: Who bought the podcast soon after it debuted?
Answer: A month after its debut, Barstool Sports purchased the podcast.

Q3: How much did Alex Cooper’s contract with Spotify cost?
Answer: In 2021, Alex Cooper inked a three-year, $60 million agreement with Spotify.

Q4: What is the mission of Cooper’s Unwell Network?
The Unwell Network specializes in mental health and wellness programming.