Ireland Baldwin And RAC Are Expecting Their First Child

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin, an American model, recently revealed that she is expecting her first child. On December 31, 2022, the model released a photo of her ultrasound with the caption:

“Welcome to the New Year.”

She is also expecting her first kid with her boyfriend, RAC. However, many social media users originally mistook Baldwin’s posting of a dog photo for a joke. To explain the announcement of her pregnancy, she posted a photo of her pregnancy test on her Instagram account with the caption:

“It isn’t a dog, haha.”

According to many sources, Ireland and RAC began dating in 2021. While the precise day is unknown, the two were photographed enjoying a number of festivals together last year. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Halloween, the pair often shares photos of themselves enjoying themselves together on social media.

“Can’t wait to see you little one,” said one commenter on Ireland Baldwin’s pregnancy announcement.

Following the announcement of her pregnancy, Baldwin shared a photo of herself puking, stating this as the reason for her inability to respond to many messages and emails:

“If I haven’t gotten back to you about Goodtimes, projects, queries, or general responses… it’s because this was me for a while.”

Ireland Baldwin

Friends and followers have been offering the pair well wishes in the comments area of the post since the couple announced the big news on social media. Ireland Baldwin’s pregnancy announcement comes only three months after her stepmother, Hilaria Baldwin, gave birth to her seventh child with Alec Baldwin. Ireland expressed her thoughts on the subject at the time, saying:

“I receive a lot of emails from individuals who are weirdly infatuated with my father and his family. I believe many people presume my opinion on any of this, so here it is for free… It’s none of my concern… “I don’t mind.”

Ireland Baldwin is Alec Baldwin’s first child with his first wife, Kim Basinger. Alec’s first grandchild will be her kid.

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Good Times is co-owned by the RAC and Ireland.

While Ireland Baldwin is well-known in the modeling industry, she also owns a number of companies with her boyfriend, RAC. On TikTok, the model said the following:

“I am an entrepreneur. My partner and I are establishing a cafĂ©, wine bar, and shop. And we’re launching a brand together. Another important aspect of my life is that I am a foster rescue dog parent, that I work in adoption, and that I work with a lot of fosters and rescues.”

Ireland Baldwin

They announced their new enterprise, Good Times, in an Instagram post on April 25, 2022.