“Invisible City” Season 2 Is Set To Released On Netflix

invisible city season 2

Invisible City, Netflix’s fantastical murder-mystery drama, rapidly became a fan favorite after its February 5, 2021 premiere. The first season, with seven segments, presented fans with a world where Brazilian mythology and modern-day city life meet in surprising ways. Fans were drawn in by the show’s fiction versus truth storyline.

Detective Eric is followed as he examines a strange murder in the metropolis. His research brought him to a secret realm of legendary animals and ghosts. Following a riveting first season, the Netflix series will return for a second season two years later. Season 2 of the Netflix original series will debut on Netflix on March 22, 2023, at 3.01 p.m. ET.

What can we anticipate from the second season of Invisible City?

invisible city season 2

The Netflix original series’ second season is anticipated to handle the mystery that concluded the first season. Netflix has published a trailer for the second season, hinting that Eric will be resurrected in the nature reserve of Belém do Pará. In the preview, we also see his daughter Luna and Inês. In the second season, a conflict will erupt between indigenous peoples and prospectors who want to acquire Belém do Pará for business enterprises. The series’ originator, Carlos Saldanha, remarked on the second season, saying:

“The second season will take place in Belém, a historic city.” The new series portrays a multidimensional indigenous Brazil from the north, replete with new beings and intriguing pop culture elements.”

The program was extended for a second season in 2021 and will wrap up production in October 2022. Take a peek at the Invisible City season 2 trailer:

The majority of the first season’s ensemble will remain for the second season. Marco Pigossi as Eric, Alessandra Negrini as Ines, and Manu Dieguez as Luna will return for the second season. In secondary parts, Letcia Spiller, Mestre Sebá, Simone Spoladore, Zahy Guajajara, Kay Sara, Marcos de Andrade, Julia Konrad, Rodrigo dos Santos, Tatsu Carvalho, Ermelinda Yepario, and Tomás de França will appear.

A look back at Season 1

The first season of the Brazilian fantasy drama saw an investigator examining a woman’s death in areas of Rio de Janeiro, where he discovers a link between her death and legendary animals from Brazilian mythology. His research also brings him face-to-face with his own history and personal link. The first season of Invisible City concluded with an intense and dramatic ending, with Eric, the investigator, making an enormous commitment to preventing a malevolent ghost from causing further damage.

invisible city season 2

The first season’s conclusion contains an enigmatic surprise that suggests Eric is now more profoundly linked to the magical world. This sets the scene for even more exploits in the second season. Carlos Saldanha devised Invisible City, which is based on a tale written by Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz. The series will premiere on Netflix on March 22, 2023.