“Inside Man” Is Set To Be Released On Netflix Soon

Inside Man

Inside Man, David Tennant’s new thriller drama series is set to premiere on Netflix on Monday, October 31, 2022, at 12 a.m. PT (tentative time). The program debuted on BBC One on September 26, 2022, to largely mixed-to-positive reviews from audiences and reviewers. Inside Man follows four seemingly unconnected people—a death row inmate, a journalist, a vicar, and a math teacher—whose lives intertwine in startling ways. It stars David Tennant and Stanley Tucci in pivotal parts, as well as a slew of others in significant supporting roles.

Inside Man is coming to Netflix: plot, trailer, and more information

On September 20, 2022, BBC released the series’ official trailer, which provides a glimpse into the show’s mysterious universe. It begins with a fascinating voiceover from Stanley Tucci, who says:

“There are times when we all feel like killers. Nobody is protected from the worst that they are capable of. Cracks may appear in the most commonplace of circumstances and devour anybody. It just takes a good cause and a terrible day.”

Inside Man

The Inside Man video doesn’t reveal too many key facts that may spoil the watching experience, but it does establish the essence of the program well. The lives of many individuals are shown becoming involved in a shocking murder mystery that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The story revolves around Stanley Tucci’s character, who is imprisoned, while the program attempts to unearth and struggle with the worst parts of human nature. According to the BBC, the official summary of the series is as follows:

“In the United States, a death row inmate (Stanley Tucci) seeks atonement as he awaits execution. A journalist (Lydia West) is seeking for a story on a train in England. A vicar (David Tennant) is picking up his son’s mathematics instructor (Dolly Wells) from the railway in a sleepy small community. All four are going to get embroiled in a situation that might lead to one of the murder…”

According to the trailer and description, audiences can expect a thrilling criminal thriller that delves into a variety of deep issues, such as the dark side of human nature, people’s innate proclivity for violence, and death. Inside Man has four episodes, all of which will be broadcast on Netflix on the same day.

A short peek at the cast of Inside Man

David Tennant and Stanley Tucci play pivotal roles in Inside Man. Tennant portrays a vicar called Harry Watling, while Tucci plays a death row inmate named Jefferson Grieff. Tucci and Tennant both look great in the clip, and fans should anticipate them to give memorable performances throughout the series. Tennant is most recognized for his roles in Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, and Broadchurch, among other things.

Inside Man

Over the years, Stanley Tucci has been in a number of notable films, including The Devil Wears Prada, The Terminal, Spotlight, and many more. His television credits include La Fortuna, 3 lbs, and several more. Lydia West, Dolly Wells, and Dylan Baker are among the other actors in the cast.