Inside Josh Gad And Ida Darvish Married Life

Josh Gad

In the theater, Josh Gad met the love of his life. But, in addition to his wife, he succeeded in acting, something he had hoped to do since he was a boy. His personal and professional life was shaped by his first effort. His first significant theater role was also a foreshadowing of his personal life.

Gad grew raised in Florida and attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania before becoming an on-stage wife. To make his ambitions a reality, he majored in drama. He had always aspired to be an actor since he was a little child. But it wasn’t always simple to make a living as an actor. Even after three years of college, he had made little progress.

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“I felt like I was going in circles and achieving nothing with my life,” he said to I News in 2017. “So I decided to pursue a legal degree.”

But it was his mother who encouraged him to keep going. And he succeeded, gaining a role in David Ives’ play, All in the Timing, only a few months later. In his debut role, he was placed with his now-wife, Ida Darvish. On stage, they were intended to play a husband and wife. This meant that his mother had indirectly set him on the road to meeting his significant other.

“We were playing a married couple, and I was over heels in love with her,” he claimed of his wife. They were four years apart – she was 19, and he was 23 at the time and were surprised to learn this, but it didn’t matter.

“It was one of those things that was simply kismet,” Gad said. “We’ve been together since then.”

Josh Gad

They will have been together for 18 years in 2022. His Valentine’s Day post was similar. In the caption of his jubilant post, he wrote, “18 years of loooooove (and Hallmark holidays) and counting!” Along with that, he shared a flashback photo. Gad and Darvish seemed to be in a good mood in the picture, which appeared to have been shot at a restaurant. She had a big smile and was resting on his shoulder. Gad struck a more rebellious attitude, which was nicely suited by his hair and rectangular spectacles.

Josh Gad’s Family Life with His Children

Josh Gad

Gad and Darvish have two children. Ava, their first child, was born on November 30, 2011. His second daughter, Isabella Eve Gad, was born on February 17, 2014. His children are gradually becoming interested in film and performing. They discovered the most when he began rewatching films in preparation for his online series, Reunited Apart, during the 2020 lockdowns. Darvish took up the job of their home teacher throughout the quarantine time. She was in charge of their homeschooling while he supplied some banned phone time during class breaks. He was in the order of their morning walks, which was much more enjoyable than homeschooling. Gad’s social media is full of postings thanking his wife and kids, and he isn’t afraid to share hilarious things that happen in his life with them.