Inside Jhené Aiko And Big Sean Relationship

Big Sean

According to recent internet speculations, singer Jhené Aiko is expecting a kid with the rapper Big Sean. BLASPHEMY (@KenKiablo) of Twitter was the first to spread the misinformation. He claimed to have seen the pair at Whole Foods, and Aiko seemed to be “quite pregnant.” Following the tweet, an Instagram post by The Neighborhood Talk stated that additional people close to the couple had also verified the news. The caption of the Instagram photo said that a baby was definitely on the way.

Big Sean (Sean Michael Leonard Anderson) and Aiko have yet to confirm the news. If confirmed, this would be the singer’s second kid and Anderson’s first.

The history of Jhené Aiko and Big Sean’s relationship

While the length of their relationship is uncertain, Aiko and Sean have most likely been dating for about a decade. However, their partnership had a short time of separation in 2018. The duo has been together since 2012, according to Jhené Aiko’s interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra. In the interview, Aiko said that her relationship with Sean began in May 2012, when the singer’s elder brother died of an incurable brain tumor, leaving her heartbroken. Aiko’s career took off when she collaborated on Beware with Big Sean and Lil Wayne in 2013.

Big Sean


Jhené Aiko and Big Sean announced in March 2016 the formation of TWENTY88, a collaborative music partnership. In the same year, the two released a self-titled album, which debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200. According to HipHopDX, the album sold over 40,000 copies in its first week.

Later that year, the pair made their romance public by kissing on stage during their performance at the Power 106 Powerhouse Concert. Following their public statement, Aiko filed for divorce from her rumored ex-husband, song producer Dot Da Genius. In 2017, the divorce was completed.

Separation rumors in 2017 -2018.

The Sativa singer had an image of Sean tattooed on the back of her arm in October 2017. Aiko, on the other hand, covered Sean’s facial tattoo with a dragon tattoo a year later. This encouraged suspicions that the couple had split up, which was fanned further by the fact that they unfollowed one other on social media around the same time. Jhené Aiko, on the other hand, responded to the rumors with a tweet in 2018. She stated the following:

“I covered ALL of my tattoos with a large a*s Dragon with a Phoenix wing, unleashing life and light into a new cosmos. NEW ART! NO BEEF! LOVE TO ALL!”

Aiko answered a lady who particularly inquired about the covering of Big Sean’s tattooed picture on her arm:

“It didn’t go with the dragon.”

Separation in 2019

Aiko acknowledged her temporary separation from Sean in March 2019 through an Instagram post in which she stated:

“Sean and I are OK. I have a lot of feelings for him. My next album will be entire of freestyles in which I discuss a variety of topics and relationships… past, present, and future…”

Big Sean

Aiko later confessed in April that she still had emotions for Big Sean. Following Nipsey Hussle’s death, the singer reacted to Sean’s Instagram post commemorating the late rapper. She stated the following:

“I love you from this life to the next and all the previous lifetimes we’ve had. I’m constantly talking about my s*it. But I’ll always be there for you.”

Reconciliation in 2020

The pair apparently reconciled in late 2019. On New Year, Jhené Aiko uploaded a photo of herself with Big Sean at Jay-party. Z’s Later that month, the pair celebrated Valentine’s Day together. On March 17, 2020, the rapper captioned an Instagram snapshot of them both with a nice birthday greeting. This further cemented the rumor of their reunion.

Big Sean


Sean complemented Aiko on her appearance during an Instagram Live session in April 2020. Akio replied:

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you propose to me?”

Without skipping a beat, Big Sean responded:

“It’s being worked on. Don’t even think about tripping.”

With the current pregnancy speculations, followers of the pair anticipate a marriage announcement soon. However, there have been rumors that the couple is already married in secret.