Inside Evan Rachel Wood And Jamie Bell Relationship

Evan Rachel Wood

Jamie Bell’s current marriage to Kate Mara made news on July 10, 2022, when the pair revealed they were expecting their second child. This announcement sparked a lot of curiosity in his family life in general, not just with Mara. Many people are aware that Bell has children with people other than Mara. He also has a child with his ex-girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood.

Were  Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood Married?

Bell and Wood initially became acquainted in the early 2000s. However, there was a myth going around about how their relationship began. Many assumed that the two began dating after collaborating on Green Day’s ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ video in 2005. The pair was aware of the reports and said that this was not the case.

Evan Rachel Wood

Before the video assignment, they were already dating and even in love. They also got matching tattoos to express their love for each other, which they believed would endure forever. They split up since things did not pan out as planned. During this five-year hiatus, Wood was involved in an on-again, off-again romance with Marilyn Manson.

However, after splitting up with Manson in 2010, Wood reconnected with Bell in July 2011. They verified their connection by public appearances and gestures of love. In December 2011, the pair was photographed looking for engagement rings, and by January 2012, they were engaged. On October 30, 2012, they married in an intimate ceremony attended by just their closest friends and family.


Bell and Wood revealed in January 2013 that they were expecting their first child together, and she kept followers informed through tweets throughout her pregnancy. They welcomed their kid in July 2013 but kept his name a secret. The pair split up for the second time in 2014. On May 28, 2014, People announced their breakup. According to reports, the couple’s reps said that they still loved one other and were “dedicated to co-parenting their kid.” They were also claimed to have remained close pals. Wood declared her retirement from social media after their divorce. Bell, on the other hand, took a break from Twitter.

Why Did Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood End Their Relationship?

While their first announcement of their divorce disclosed nothing about the causes, Bell and Wood’s divorce sparked a lot of conjecture. People published an article only two days following their first story, claiming that an insider source had revealed some details regarding their divorce. According to the source, Bell and Wood just recognized they had different objectives in life.

“Nothing major occurred,” the person claimed. “They’ve been pals for years and prefer being friends over getting married.”

Evan Rachel Wood

However, according to the source, Wood adored being a parent more than anything else, and her marriage always came second when their kid was born. Another intriguing element revealed by the insiders was Wood’s prospective love interests. “Evan is really edgy and adventurous, and she wants to find a companion with whom she can share that,” they said.

This is crucial since Wood came out as bisexual some years before they divorced. She also had a couple of famous crushes that she told Bell about. By connecting these apparently unrelated dots, the internet assumed that the pair had split up due to her sexuality. However, none of them has verified the idea. People subsequently erased their pieces as well.