Howard Bragman Passed Away At The Age Of 66

Howard Bragman

Howard Bragman, a well-known Hollywood public relations consultant, is said to have died at the age of 66 following a battle with cancer. In a diary note, his lover, Mike Maimone, verified his death:

“The magnitude of our collective loss cannot be emphasized – Howard was a constant in so many of our lives, and the brightest light in his vast constellation of friends and family.”

Another source close to Bragman’s family verified the news to The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. According to TMZ, Bragman and his partner were scheduled to attend a wedding in Mexico later this month. He did, however, decide to seek medical attention for what he believed was a gum infection and a moderate temperature.

Unfortunately, medical reports indicated that he had cancer. Bragman was diagnosed with the “most severe kind of leukemia,” which he said developed “explosively.” The public relations professional was hospitalized on February 2 and died less than two weeks later.

Howard Bragman

Following Howard Bragman’s passing, Twitter has been flooded with emotional condolences.

Howard Bragman was a well-known public relations professional in Hollywood, known for his ability in crisis management and his support for LGBTQ+ rights. Bragman has worked in the entertainment public relations sector for almost 40 years. He was a co-founder of the business BNC (Bragman Nyman Cafarelli), which amalgamated with PMK later on. He has founded his own businesses, including Fifteen Minutes PR and La Brea Media.

As word of Bragman’s untimely death from leukemia spread, some social media users expressed their shock. Many people, including famous celebrities, flocked to Twitter to pay their respects to the late public relations executive:


Among many others, Howard Bragman has worked with Stevie Wonder, Cameron Diaz, Sharon Osbourne, Anna Kendrick, Monica Lewinsky, Melissa Rivers, Terrence Howard, Chaz Bono, Joe Manganiello, and Ricki Lake. He most recently worked as a spokesperson for Wendy Williams, a talk show personality. Bragman’s reputation as a crisis management specialist led to his serving as a news consultant for ABC News, as well as shows such as Good Morning America, Today, and Larry King Life.

Howard Bragman

Bragman, as a Hollywood executive and supporter of LGBTQ+ issues, has assisted celebrities such as actress Meredith Baxter, athlete Sheryl Swoopes, and singer Chely Wright in their coming out processes. Bragman made a $1 million endowment contribution to the Howard Bragman Coming Out Fund at the University of Michigan in 2021.