How Rich Is Steve Burns? Net Worth, Career, Salary

Steve Burns

The iconic Blue’s Clues presenter, Steve Burns, has now spoken out about his unexpected departure from the Nickelodeon program in 2002. After 20 years, Burns addressed rumors and stated that he battled depression while presenting the program.

Steve Burns discussed how it got impossible to be cheerful in an interview with Variety. All of this took a toll on him since his profession required him to constantly look cheerful. He also said that there was a long time of mending after he left his program. Speaking on the subject, Steve Burns said that he had no idea he was the “happiest depressed person in North America.” He also said that he was suffering from significant clinical depression during his stay on the program. Steve went on:

“I was always able to dig and find something that felt real to me and was good enough for the performance, but there was a cost after years and years of going to the well without refilling it.”

Blue’s Clues was a very popular program among youngsters, and Steve starred in it for six seasons before calling it quits and leaving the show. With his presence in the program, he might have earned a fortune. The show’s creators portrayed his leave as the character leaving for college. People have been wondering about Burns and why the American TV personality, actor, singer, writer, and director departed the program since his departure.

Steve Burns

Following his departure from Blue’s Clues, Steve Burns has featured in a number of TV series and films.

On October 9, 1973, Steve Burns, a well-known actor, director, writer, and musician, was born. The 42-year-old began his career on Blue’s Clues and has since been in a variety of TV series and films. He has been featured in over 100 episodes of the children’s show. Among his credits are Marie and Bruce, Netherbeast Incorporated, Christmas on Mars, Yes, Dear, Law & Order, and Homicide: Life on the Street. Simultaneously, he issued three albums: Songs for Dustmites, Deep Sea Recovery Efforts, and For everywhere.

He has appeared in a couple of YouTube series, including The Professionals in 2012. Burns was also nominated for many awards, including a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Preschool Children’s Series for Blue’s Clues.

Steve Burns

Net Worth

Steve Burns’ net worth is $5 million as of August 2023. Furthermore, several newspapers claim that the actor’s yearly income is about $1 million. He also owns other real estate holdings around the nation. The actor moved into his 2,180-square-foot property in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg in 2008. The star subsequently listed the residence for $3.35 million in November 2020.

In the Variety interview, Steve also discussed how his father’s death from cancer in 2015 impacted him. However, he adds that he is now more than ever enjoying the popularity of his series, Blue’s Clues.