How Rich Is Michael Boulos? Net Worth, Career, Salary

Michael Boulos

Tiffany Trump is getting married to her boyfriend Michael Boulos, and she just enjoyed her wedding shower, which was coordinated by her sister Ivanka Trump. The latter turned to Instagram to share a photo from the festivities, in which the bride-to-be is dressed in a classic white lace gown. Lara Trump, Trump’s sister-in-law, is also in the photo.

Tiffany and Michael will exchange vows in a grandiose wedding ceremony on November 12 at father Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago luxury club, with over 500 people allegedly invited. According to People Magazine, the couple initially met at Lindsay Lohan’s beach club in Mykonos, Greece.

Michael Boulos’ net worth

Michael is a wealthy businessman, and his family presently controls multiple firms in over ten West African nations. CelebrityNetWorth estimates the 25-year-net-old’s worth to be about $20 million as of August 2023. Although little information regarding his assets is publicly accessible, his family’s entire income has contributed to his net worth. Michael Boulos was born in the northern Lebanon hamlet of Kfaraakka. When he was ten years old, he moved to Nigeria. While his father, Dr. Massad Boulos, runs the family business, his mother, Sarah Boulos, founded the Nigeria Society for the Performing Arts.

Michael Boulos

He completed his studies at Regent’s University in London. According to the entrepreneur’s LinkedIn profile, he has been the associate director of SCOA since 2016. Since 2019, Michael has also served as the director of the Fadoul Group and the business development manager of Royalton Investment.

Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos’ relationship

Tiffany and Michael started dating in 2018, and they made their first public appearance during New York Fashion Week that year. Page Six reported in November 2018 that the couple was dating, and according to a Page Six source:

“Tiffany is relieved that she has been able to keep her relationship with Michael under wraps for so long. But, around Thanksgiving, she presented him to her family, and he comes across as a highly clever young guy from a wonderful family. There was no mention of the president’s regrettable remark on African countries.”

Then-US President Donald Trump then shared a photo of himself with Michael Boulos on social media from the White House’s Red Room over the Christmas season. The pair were pictured together again during New York Fashion Week in 2019, and Boulos subsequently joined Tiffany’s family for Easter services. The pair visited the Cannes Film Festival together before traveling to Orlando, Florida for a rally to kick off Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. They appeared together on several occasions before eventually announcing their engagement on Instagram in January 2021.

Michael Boulos

Boulos allegedly proposed with a $1.2 million ring fashioned by New York-based jeweler Samer Halimeh. Tiffany also shared numerous photos from the proposal on Instagram, describing it as “the most amazing White House experience,” writing:

“It has been an honor to share many milestones, historic events, and experiences with my family here at the White House, none more meaningful than my engagement to my incredible fiancé Michael! I’m grateful and thrilled for the next phase!”

The soon-to-wed pair then relocated to Miami the following year and were subsequently sighted in Mykonos, where they were supposedly looking for wedding venues.