How Rich Is Keith McNally? Net Worth, Career, Salary

Keith McNally

Keith McNally recently chastised James Corden for lying about his abuse of the Balthazar employees. Corden, on the other hand, insisted that he was not mistaken. McNally tagged Corden on Instagram on October 21, 2022, and encouraged him to come clean about his actions after Corden denied doing anything wrong in an interview with The New York Times. He pondered in the post if Corden was kidding when he replied he hadn’t done anything wrong.

McNally went on to say that, although he did not perceive Corden’s conduct as harmful, his employees could gain nothing by lying about it. In his article, McNally said that if Corden wants to regain the respect of his followers, he must accept that he was wrong. He concluded his post by offering Corden free meals at the French bistro for the next ten years if he apologizes to the employees he offended.


Keith McNally’s net worth

Keith McNally is a well-known restaurateur who has established a number of restaurants, including Augustine, Balthazar, Café Luxembourg, Cherche Midi, Lucky Strike, Minetta Tavern, and Morandi. According to The Guardian, he makes around £4.5 million each year. Although specific information about his holdings is not public, his restaurants have made him a lot of money.

Keith McNally

Keith McNally was born into a working-class household, and his father, Jack McNally, was a docker and amateur boxer. His brother Brian is a restaurateur in New York, as is his first wife Lynn Wagenknecht. In 1968, Keith also had the chance to perform in Alan Bennett’s play Forty Years On. Frank Bruni gave McNally’s eatery Minetta Tavern three stars in 2009. The New York Times has labeled him The Restaurateur Who Invented Downtown.

Keith McNally receives an apology from James Corden.

A few days ago, James Corden was barred from Balthazar, but the prohibition was eventually lifted when Corden apologized to Keith McNally. McNally made the announcement on Instagram, writing that he believed in second chances.

Keith McNally


He went on to say that after Corden apologized to him and his team, he felt better “has no right to be barred from anyplace. Balthazar in particular.” McNally barred Corden from returning to Balthazar on Monday, October 18, 2022, and dubbed him the restaurant’s “most aggressive customer” in its 25-year history. Keith shared two examples of James’ nasty conduct when his wife ordered an egg yolk omelet and he complained because it had some egg white mixed in with the yolk. James instantly yelled at the waiter, claiming that he couldn’t perform his job and that he would rather go to the kitchen and prepare the omelet himself. McNally added in another post that he felt bad for James after the event.