How Rich Is Kate Bush? Net Worth, Salary, Career

Kate Bush

If you’ve seen or heard of Stranger Things, you’re probably familiar with Kate Bush’s song Running Up That Hill, which gained popularity after being included in the program. Kate Bush included the song on her album Hounds of Love in 1985. The musician is now allegedly earning more than $200,000 per week in royalties for the song from a single streaming platform.

Kate Bush recently said in a statement,

“It’s difficult to believe how quickly everything has moved since the premiere of the first season of Stranger Things.” “There are so many young people who adore the program and are hearing the song for the first time.”

Stranger Things, a popular Netflix series, included the song as a crucial story aspect. Every day, more listeners discover and enjoy the song, which is now leading the charts in nations such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand.

How much money did Kate Bush earn with the revival of Running Up That Hill?

Kate Bush, interestingly, owns the complete recording rights of Running Up That Hill and its album The Hounds of Love. Nobody has permission to use the music. According to sources, Warner Music Group distributes the successful tunes, but Bush owns them. On Spotify, the song has 57 million chart-eligible worldwide streams. According to Music Business Worldwide, this would imply that the artist owns more than $200,000 in recorded music royalties from a single platform, in a single format (streaming), in a single week.

Kate Bush

As of 2020, the rights holders will get $0.03 to $005 for every song streamed on Spotify, according to a Twitter user. Running Up That Hill saw nearly 57 million streams, multiplied by $0.05, and the result was over $200,000 in only a week. This week, the musician was streamed 1000 times in the United Kingdom. Kate Bush would earn £30-320 in radio royalties per play if additional streaming sites such as Amazon, Deezer, Apple, YouTube, and radio play were included. Meanwhile, celebrity net worth estimates Kate Bush’s fortune at more than $60 million.

Kate Bush expresses gratitude to the Duffer Brothers, the creators of Stranger Things.

Bush expressed gratitude to the Stranger Things producers, the Duffer Brothers, for putting her song into a pivotal sequence in the program. The song aids Sadie Sink’s character Max to leave the evil Vecna’s terrible grasp. Indeed, the episode and horrific moment in which Max is kept hostage by Vecna in the so-called Upside Down, as well as her final escape return to her companions, have been hailed as among the best of the season.


“The protagonists in this current series face many of the same difficulties that exist in real life right now.” I feel the Duffer Brothers have touched people’s emotions in a particular manner, at a time when everyone, especially young people, is going through a terrible moment.”

She went on to say:

“I applaud the Duffer Brothers for their bravery in bringing this new series into a much more mature and darker territory.” I’d want to express my gratitude to them for introducing the music to so many people.”

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush is expected to be awarded No. 1 in the UK for the second time.

After-sales and streaming during the first 48 hours of the chart cycle, the song is set to be declared No. 1 in the UK for the second time this week. The song closes the record-breaking gap between No. 1 singles in Official Chart history. Bush’s last UK chart-topping song was her 1978 breakthrough single Wuthering Heights. Bush also set a record for the longest period it took a single to reach No. 1 in the United Kingdom.

Kate Bush

Throughout her career, Kate Bush has been nominated for 13 Brit Awards. In 1987, she was named Best British Female Artist. The musician has also received three Grammy nominations. In 2002, Bush was awarded the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. In the 2013 New Year Honours, she was awarded a CBE for services to music. The singer has been nominated for admission into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame three times, including in 2018, 2021, and 2022.