How Rich Is DJ Khaled? Net Worth, Career, Salary

DJ Khaled

Even though DJ Khaled is a multi-millionaire, he still bought Mega Millions of lottery tickets. On Thursday, July 28, the record producer turned to Instagram, posting footage of himself clutching many lottery tickets for the forthcoming lottery, which is expected to feature a $1.02 billion grand prize. Netizens were dissatisfied with the decision and chastised the artist on Twitter, claiming he had wrecked the odds for everyone.

On Tuesday, July 26, no winning Mega Millions lottery tickets were sold. This lifted the threshold from the previous prize of $830 million to the present sum. DJ Khaled advertised his forthcoming album God Did in an Instagram video, showing off his Mega Million lottery tickets and saying:

“I hope you played because I did.” It’s a billion bucks, I’m going to try. You see what’s going on, Mega Millions. I’m not messing around with this. I hope you had fun because I did. They don’t believe in us, but God does.”

In the caption, DJ Khaled also wrote:

“Did you receive yours? Are you focused? I AM!” ” #GODDID!”

DJ Khaled’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, DJ Khaled is one of the most successful artists in the business, with a net worth of $75 million as of August 2023. Along with his large income, the rapper is a regular on Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Kings list. However, the gifted artist’s life was not always like this. DJ Khaled stated in a 2016 interview with Complex magazine that he and his family were financially suffering at one time, forcing him to sleep in his vehicle. During the interview, he stated:

“God has provided me with the ability to appreciate the finer things in life.” I’ve watched my family work so hard and rise, just to have it all ripped away. I had to man up, which included sleeping in my vehicle, renting an apartment for a month, and then being evicted the next month. Staying in $25-$35 hotel rooms. I just never panicked. I kept concentrating and never gave up.”

DJ Khaled

He went on to say that he now has the wherewithal to care for his parents, wife, other family members, and his staff, whom he considers to be family as well. DJ Khaled’s meteoric rise started in the 1990s when he worked as a DJ for Miami radio station 99 Jamz. His popularity with his radio program led to his being hired as a DJ by Terror Squad. He went on to curate his own albums after getting massive attention. Listennn… the Record, the 46-year-first old’s album, was published in 2006. Since then, he’s had a string of successes, including Kiss the Ring, Suffering from Success, Major Key, Grateful, Father of Asahd, and Khaled Khaled.

All I Do Is Win is one of the music producer’s most successful songs, featuring Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, and Ludacris. The RIAA has certified the song three times platinum. The artist earns the most of his money from touring, producing, and sponsorships. Since becoming an ambassador for Ciroc, Apple, and Weight Watchers, he has earned millions of dollars from the companies. Khaled has an incredible collection of residences around the United States, which he has added to his portfolio. In 2017, the rapper paid $9.9 million for Robbie William’s previous home. He later sold it for $12.5 million in April 2021. He also has a beachfront property in Miami that he paid a stunning $25.9 million for.

DJ Khaled

“Give us a chance,” say netizens in response to DJ Khaled’s purchase of lottery tickets.

Netizens have no doubt wondered why the music producer felt the need to purchase lottery tickets, considering that he already lives a lavish lifestyle. Among the tweets were:



Although Khaled has received a lot of criticism online, it seems that even the wealthy like the possibility to earn quick money.