How Old Is Marla Gibbs Now? She Is Still Going Strong In Her 90s.

Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs is best known for her role in The Jeffersons as Florence Johnston. She has an illustrious acting career spanning five decades. Her resume includes television appearances, film roles, and live performances. Marla is one of the final surviving cast members of The Jeffersons, following the death of her friend and costar Sherman Hemsley, better known to millions as George Jefferson. Among her other acting credits are 227, Martin, and the 2000 film The Visit.

Marla Gibbs’ Age: How Old Is She?

Despite turning 90 last year, the actress still maintains the appearance of being in her thirties. She referred to her June 14 birthday as her third-thirtieth birthday (as per Page Six). “You have to understand that we are both spiritual and physical beings,” the Walk of Fame honoree explained. “And because we, as spiritual beings, have time but no age, I choose to vibrate at 30.”

Marla Gibbs
Marla Gibbs with Angelea Gibbs posing for a Photo

She added that her vitality at such an advanced age reassures her that she can continue working for as long as she wishes. As a result, she rejects the notion of retirement. The actress from Madea’s Witness Protection recently completed filming for Days of Our Lives, in which she portrays Jackée Harry’s mother. Gibbs cannot believe that the majority of the Jeffersons’ cast has died. She has the impression that she can simply turn on the television and see them all as if they were still present.

“I communicate with them on occasion. I’ll think of Roxie and speak with her while I’m driving, “Gibbs stated (as per Black Doctor.)

Is Marla Gibbs Still Alive Following the HWOF Incident?

Gibbs is “doing well” following an incident during her ceremony for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Due to the oppressive heat in Los Angeles, the 90-year-old actress appeared to pass out during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in July 2021. She was delivering a speech from the podium during the unveiling of her Walk of Fame star when the incident occurred. Immediately, a man from her group of guests assumed responsibility for preventing Gibbs from falling. Her daughter, Angela Gibbs, assisted her in drinking water and rushed to the microphone to explain that her mother needed time to “cool off.”

The actress returned to the stage shortly afterward, explaining that she had been overcome by the heat and excitement of the day. For a brief moment, I became overwhelmed, “the star explained.” “I haven’t been this excited in a long time!” Norman Lear, the renowned television producer who helped launch Gibbs’ career, was present for the ceremony and incident. The actress took a break while the 2,6978th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled in her honor. Gibbs’ star was recognized by the television industry and was partially installed by her “great-great-grandchildren.” Gibbs is now devoted to her two grandchildren as a great-grandmother.

Additionally, she is a member of Cameo, a video-sharing website. In the aforementioned Page Six article, she stated that she began using marijuana a few years ago to aid in sleep but had since discontinued it due to its ineffectiveness.