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Hina Amano

Hina Amano is the main character in Weathering With You. She possesses an unusual supernatural ability that allows her to manipulate the weather and dive into the sky.

Voice Actors of Hina Amano

Nana Mori, a Japanese voice actress, provided Hina Amano’s voice in Weathering With You, while Ashley Boettcher provided the English version of this character.

Ashley Boettcher Voice actress
Ashley Boettcher Voice actress
Nana Mori
Nana Mori Japnese Voice actress

Hina Amano Personality

Hina is portrayed as a cheerful, strong-willed young lady. She is also a sweet and caring young lady, as evidenced by her willingness to give Hodaka a free burger and her newfound love for making people happy with her sunshine powers. She also demonstrates strong familial bonds by caring for her younger brother, Nagi Amano, after their mother’s death, despite being only 15 and putting herself in danger.

Hina Amano Appearance

Hina Amano is a young woman of average height and build, with fair skin and large light blue eyes. Her hair is straight and long, blue-black, and she wears it in two low twin ponytails tied with black hair ties draped across her shoulders. She has long bangs and two hair locks framing her face. She typically dresses in a white-grey hoodie over a pink sleeveless dress with black lace trim or a pink tank top with blue shorts. She also wears a blue-stone necklace and carries a small dark grey canvas backpack. She wears a small silver promise ring in the shape of a small wing given by Hodaka on her left ring finger as of the end of the official MV Grand Escape.


Hina was born on August 22, 2006, in Tokyo, Japan, to Megumi Amano. Nothing is known about her father, but he most likely died or divorced Megumi before the events of 2020. After her mother died of a fatal illness, she went to a nearby shrine and prayed, which granted her atmokinesis powers. She then went on to look for various jobs to support herself and her younger brother Nagi.


Hina meets Hodaka. Hina runs into Hodaka Morishima at her workplace McDonald’s, and approaches him as he sits without ordering anything, offering him a free meal out of pity.

Hodaka later observes Hina being intimidated into working at a shady club and attempts to rescue her. He recognizes her as the girl who was nice to him, and they flee together as the club host chases them. Hodaka is pinned down by the host, but he manages to stun him by firing the gun he discovered earlier. Hodaka freezes, not expecting the gun to be real, and Hina quickly pulls him away so the two can flee to a nearby abandoned building—the same one Hina saw while sitting with her mother. Hina chastises Hodaka for interfering, explaining that she needed the job to support herself and her younger sibling after being fired from her previous job at a fast-food restaurant. Before turning to leave, she criticizes his use of the gun, and Hodaka, terrified by what he’s done, throws it across the floor of the building. Hina returns, assuming Hodaka is a runaway after seeing him recognize his mistakes, and tells him she wants to show him something. Hina prays for Hodaka on the roof of the building, demonstrating her ability to clear the sky. She introduces herself to an impressed Hodaka as he does the same, telling him she’s 17 and thus older than him. They plan to meet at Hina’s house.

Later that day, Hodaka arrives at Hina’s house, and she prepares January for him while they talk about jobs. Hodaka proposes they start a business together, inspired by Sunshine Girl’s idea; Hina could provide her mysterious ability to people who want clear weather for special events. Their company has become a huge success, and they attract a wide range of customers, from kindergarten students to corporate titans.

A few months into the job, Hina is asked to provide a clear sky for the Jingu Gaien fireworks festival. After that, she sits on the roof of the building with Hodaka, telling him that she’s glad she started her job as they watch the fireworks together.

Hina, Nagi, and Hodaka work at Fumi Tachibana’s house, clearing the sky for her so she can light a fire for her late husband. Fumi expresses regret that they are leaving the job, but Hodaka explains that they have no choice because Hina was caught on camera at the festival and wishes to remain anonymous for the time being. Taki Tachibana arrives at Fumi’s house and lights a fire for her late husband, prompting Fumi to encourage Hina to do the same for her late mother when she learns of her death. While Hina, her brother, and Fumi play in the garden, Taki and Hodaka talk about her.

Keisuke and his daughter Moka Suga are playing with Nagi in their last job at the park while Hina and Hodaka sit and watch. Hina’s previous job had been to clear the sky for Moka so she could play outside despite her asthma. Keisuke approaches the two and asks Hodaka how he knew this was his job and about having a daughter, but he is ignored as Keisuke praises Hina for her abilities. The three converse for a while until Natsumi arrives, at which point Hodaka exclaims, turns to Keisuke, and asks if he’ll be in trouble with her because he has a wife. Hina and Natsumi accuse Keisuke of being a pervert after he laughs at his misunderstanding. Nagi and Moka summon Keisuke and Hodaka to them as the girls discuss the deceased men’s similarities. Natsumi inquires about Hina’s well-being, informing her of a dangerous Sunshine Girl rumor that a priest had informed her of.

As the sky darkens and the rain returns, the six split up, Nagi accompanying the Sugas to a restaurant and Hodaka and Hina walking back to the Amano abode together. As Hodaka walks alongside Hina, he worries about giving her a ring and confessing his love to her, but Hina interrupts to tell him something. She’s cut off by a gust of wind, shocking Hodaka as she floats back down to him from the sky. He realizes she’s becoming invisible due to the Sunshine Girl’s curse. As they walk back to her place, Hina tells him how she became a Sunshine Girl at the rooftop shrine, the ring and confession forgotten.

Hodaka hides in the bathroom at Hina’s apartment while the police question Hina about Hodaka’s whereabouts. Hodaka’s parents filed a missing person report, and police officers are looking into his use and possession of illegal firearms. Hina is informed by an officer that social services will be called in to remove Nagi, Hina’s younger brother, because they are minors without a legal guardian.

Hina decides to flee with Hodaka and Nagi, but the weather worsens even further when it begins to snow. The three are apprehended on the streets, and Hodaka is apprehended by two police officers as he attempts to flee but is saved by Hina, who distracts the cops by praying for lightning to strike nearby. This allows the trio to flee to a hotel.

They stay at a hotel for the night. Hina confesses to Hodaka as they’re about to fall asleep that her body is slowly being turned into water and that she learned from Natsumi about the story of the weather maiden who becomes a living sacrifice; the weather will only return to normal if she disappears permanently into the clouds. He refuses to let this happen and assures her that he will protect her. However, Hina goes missing the next day, and the rains stop.

Hodaka manages to reach the top of the building and jumps through the shrine after following Hina to where she was spirited away in the sky. He is then transported to the sky above the world and rescues Hina. As they crash to the ground, Hodaka begs Hina to start living for herself, and the rain resumes with no end in sight.

Hina Amano
Hina Amano (Source: Pinterest)


Hina and Nagi were presumably adopted by the Sugas and continued to live in their apartment, with Hina resuming her education.

Three years later, Hodaka returns to Tokyo in search of Hina and discovers her praying in the same spot where he first attempted to confess to her. He calls out to her, and she is both surprised and relieved to see him. They re-embrace each other at the end of the film.

Weather Manipulation Capabilities

Hina, as a Sunshine Girl, possesses a one-of-a-kind and wonderful ability that allows her to stop the rain and clear the sky by praying. She can manipulate the weather and dive into the sky while using this ability.

However, as described by the priest in folklore, there is a consequence to using this ability: the more Hina uses it, the more transparent her body becomes until one day, when she has exhausted all of the power in her body, she will vanish into the sky.

Her emotions may also be affected by her ability to control the weather. Examples include her unique determination to save Hodaka from the police by praying for lightning/thunder to strike a car to buy them time to flee, and finally, when she feels cold, snow will fall from the sky.


She appears to be very good at making Potato Chip Fried-Rice and Ramen with the proper techniques and ingredients, indicating that she is a very creative and skilled chef.