Here Are 5 Details About Christina Carlin Kraft’s Murder

Christina Carlin Kraft

Christina Carlin-Kraft, a former Playboy model from New Jersey, was discovered strangled to death in her residence in late August 2018. Her corpse also revealed evidence of a violent battle, most likely with the murderer, that happened previous to her death. Soon after, a comprehensive investigation, CCTV video, and several tip-offs led investigators to an accused drug dealer called Jonathan Harris, who had just recently been released from jail. Harris was apprehended while attempting to depart the state and later confessed.

A new episode of The Playboy Murders on ID this week will explore the 2018 murder of Christina Carlin-Kraft. Moth to a Flame will premiere on Monday, February 6, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET. According to the synopsis:

“The murder of Playboy cybergirl Christina Carlin-Kraft in her Pennsylvania apartment leads authorities from the streets of Philadelphia to a mental unit; investigators depend on surveillance footage to uncover the perpetrator.”

Christina Carlin-murder: Kraft’s Five short facts about the former Playboy model’s strangled death

1) Christina Carlin-Kraft had just moved into a new flat.

Christina got engaged to her long-term lover Alexander Ciccotelli in 2018 after he purchased her an apartment in Ardmore, an upscale Philadelphia area. She’d just recently moved into the home. A short time later, however, a guy who drugged Christina’s drink at a pub followed her home and broke into her house to take a handful of her luxury bags and jewels. Andre Melton was eventually found guilty of burglary, criminal trespass, and theft by taking and receiving stolen items.

Christina Carlin Kraft

2) Her horrible murder occurred as a result of the break-in.

Christina Carlin-Kraft headed for the city center in the early morning hours of August 22 despite being rattled by the break-in and burglary event. She was discovered dead in her residence the next day. Ciccotelli, Christina’s fiancé, only contacted 911 because he couldn’t get into her apartment, which was locked from the inside. He became anxious when she did not return his calls.

3) Christina Carlin-Kraft was beaten and strangled to death.

Christina’s corpse was discovered in a violent murder scene, wrapped in a blanket. The 36-year-old was violently abused prior to her death, as shown by her nose being fractured and her eyes darkening in the locations where she was struck. An autopsy eventually determined that she died as a result of strangling.

4) Her killer, Jonathan Harris, claimed she assaulted him first.

Authorities were able to apprehend 30-year-old Jonathan Harris, an accused drug dealer who had just been released from jail a few days before Christina Carlin-murder, Kraft’s using surveillance video, the information supplied by a Lyft taxi driver, and other tip-offs. A few days after the murder, Harris was apprehended while trying to leave on a bus near Pittsburgh. After being detained, Harris admitted to murdering Christina, telling authorities that they had consensual s*x, drank wine, and took cocaine that night. He also said that they got into a fight when the model refused to pay $1,200 for the narcotics. According to his testimony, Christina hit him with a wine bottle, following which he punched her many times. He then “began choking her” as she prepared to dial 911.

Christina Carlin Kraft

5) Harris received a life sentence with further consecutive sentences.

One of Jonathan Harris’ hospital detainees testified in court at his 2019 trial, claiming that he had previously confessed to murdering Christina Carlin-Kraft, telling him that there was “nothing like squeezing someone and feeling the last breath leave their body.” Harris was ultimately convicted guilty of murder, abduction, criminal possession of an instrument, and strangling. He was sentenced to life in jail in addition to 22-and-a-half to 45 years in prison on the other counts.