Haruka’s Career Was Cut Short When She Was Unexpectedly Taken Out Of The LE SSERAFIM Debut


LE SSERAFIM’s first documentary, The World Is My Oyster, revealed a new trainee called Haruka, who was shown learning choreography and ready for her debut with the girl group. The documentary provided fresh details about the FEARLESS female group, including the difficulties and trials they endured before making their debut with Source Music and HYBE. One of the surprises was enormous quantities of previously unseen film of a trainee called Haruka. The first episode saw her preparing for monthly assessments, evaluating comments, and rehearsing with Sakura, Chaewon, and Yunjin. Her debut dream, however, was cut short when she was taken off the premiere lineup for no apparent reason.

Meet Haruka, a trainee who was on the waiting list for LE SSERAFIM.

LE SSERAFIM’s debut documentary, The World Is My Oyster, introduced the world to some of the old and new harsh realities that a K-pop idol group faces before their debut, such as the selection process, giddiness, evaluations, constructive feedback, training, and, most importantly, the company staff responsible for creating a successful idol group. In the documentary, Management Squad Leader Kim Hyeong-eun remarked that nothing is official until the debut team really debuts. Being in the debut lineup does not guarantee a debut, as the Team Leader said, and this was true for Haruka, a Japanese trainee chosen in the final LE SSERAFIM lineup.


When the news of her removal from the debut lineup was publicized, Sakura characterized the Japanese trainee as “quite young.” The trainee’s naïve appearance painted a realistic impression of her being the team’s youngest member. The trainee was also seen in the film getting criticism from Performance Director (PD) Park So-yeon on her posture, emotions, and dancing, with the PD saying that she is highly lively. Other members’ considerably more critical input was also offered.

Not much is known about Haruka, save for basic facts. Netizens think the companies have something planned since Source Music and HYBE featured her in the remark while entirely removing Garam (who was ousted from the group when bullying claims arose within a few weeks). According to one Twitter user, @bellaAria 06, the young Japanese trainee still does not have any social media profiles.

Company policy prohibits trainees from having internet accounts because they may divulge secret information. If a trainee has one, they are told to disable it or stow it away while not in use.

Fans believe Haruka will appear in I-LAND 2.

Survival audition events are an excellent technique for aspiring K-pop groups and trainees to acquire exposure. It provides trainees with opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and personalities to the rest of the globe. Similarly, netizens think HYBE intends to lay the groundwork for Haruka by putting her in LE SSERAFIM’s documentary The World Is My Oyster.


HYBE launched the female version of I-LAND, a collaborative survival show with Mnet, in September of last year. The first season gave birth to the now-famous ENHYPEN, which became the quickest million-seller before their debut anniversary. As premiere members, four bright trainees from the program took part in &AUDITION – The Howling. They will make their debut as &TEAM in December of this year, along with five other trainees.

Many assume that the purpose of LE SSERAFIM’s documentary was to introduce viewers to Haruka, whose young age and abilities make her a formidable participant in I-LAND 2. Some others believe Team Leader Kim Hyeong-remarks eun’s as well. According to a few tweets regarding Haruka, she may not be able to suit the strong, powerful image of LE SSERAFIM, and HYBE may have a place for her in the next I-LAND 2 female group. There isn’t much information available on the young Japanese trainee, but one thing is certain: a K-pop behemoth like HYBE doesn’t make errors when presenting a pupil to the public. It will be fascinating to see where Haruka ends up.