Haley Harrison Net Worth & Earning: Where Is She Going After Leaving KMBC?

Haley Harrison

Is Haley Harrison leaving from KMBC? Viewers have been asking this question in response to the uncertainty surrounding her future at the station. Haley Harrison is a news anchor, reporter, and documentarian who has received Emmy and Murrow awards. She is presently employed at Hearst Corp.’s KMBC-TV in Kansas City, Missouri, and is noted for her powerful but personable style.

Is KMBC Losing Haley Harrison? Where Is She Going?

Haley Harrison will be departing KMBC. She confirmed the news in a tweet. “The last one! This is my last @kmbc newscast at 9 p.m. It’s been a pleasure, Kansas City. “Thank you,” she stated in a December 3 tweet. Fans, fans, and coworkers expressed their condolences in the comments section, stating they will miss their favorite anchor and wished her and her family the best. Haley, on the other hand, made no mention of her future trip. “I’ll post updates when I’m ready to make an announcement.” “Thank you!” she responded to a reader who inquired about her next destination.

Haley Harrison

She has begun posting countdowns to her last program on the radio. She posted a message on Facebook.”Friday, December 2, will be my last newscast at KMBC 9,” she stated in an email. Haley also used the opportunity to express gratitude to Kansas City. She also remarked that leaving her professional home of a decade was difficult. “Goodbyes can be difficult, but they also pave the way for hopeful new beginnings.” “I invite you to join me on my journey,” she said as she shared photos from her time at KMBC.

Haley most certainly has ideas for her future ventures, which she will share with followers when the time comes. In addition, as stated in the statement, she is taking a sabbatical to spend time with her family. In any case, we hope to see her again soon. Haley Harrison is happily married to Deron Harrison and has two children. Caroline is the name of one of them.

Haley Harrison’s Earnings And Net Worth In 2024

There is no recognized web source for Haley Harrison’s net worth. A few websites state that it ranges from $1 million to $5 million. According to the same website, her yearly earnings vary from $24k to $72k, depending on KMBC reporter/anchor pay. Haley earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a specialization in political science from the University of Kansas (2002-2006).

She started her work as an anchor and reporter at 6News after graduating. She then worked at WHSV-TV and WJLA-TV before coming to KMBC in April 2012. Haley has been with the network for nearly a decade. She gave weekly news on-air at 5 and 9 p.m. as the channel’s news anchor and reporter, after editing, fact-checking, and approving it. She also discovered and researched themes, conducted interviews, and created material for many channels such as live television, online, and social media.

Haley Harrison

Furthermore, Haley proposed articles by attending daily editorial meetings and worked to maintain and convey her brand via social media channels. She covered sports, politics, crime, natural catastrophes, and human-interest issues throughout her stint at KMBC and previous stations. Haley has produced two award-winning films and emceed countless non-profit fundraisers and events.

She also received Emmys for “Reporter” and “Journalistic Enterprise,” as well as Edward R. Murrow Awards for “Continuing Coverage” and “News Documentary.” She was also quite engaged in college, serving as the vice president of recruiting at Alpha Chi Omega.