Guy Tang: Is Gay, Married Life, Past Relationship

Guy Tang

Guy Tang, the pioneer of hair coloring techniques, is happily married to Almar Guevarra. Tang, who had previously been in a relationship with a woman, took some time to accept his sexuality but is now open about his marriage to Guevarra.

Accepting His Sexuality and His Past Relationship with a Girl

Tang had one identity crisis while in a long-term relationship with a girl with whom he eventually got engaged: he was Asian and had to deal with racism. But he hadn’t come to terms with his sexuality yet. The hairstylist admitted that he knew he was different but feared being judged as a barrier.

At 27, a series of events compelled him to take a stand; however, admitting he was gay was difficult for him. He also stated that accepting himself after coming out of the closet was difficult.

Tang had a fiancée whom he adored. In a video posted to his official Facebook account, he discussed how difficult it was to come out to his then-fiancée. He also mentioned that he missed her because she was his best friend. He met Guevarra while he was grieving his divorce.

An extremely supportive husband

Tang is frequently seen on social media gushing about his supportive and wonderful husband. Guevarra has been making Tang’s life beautiful and comfortable for the past 11 years. Tang’s husband is currently a brain cancer research nurse working to make the world a better place for people living with brain cancer.

Despite his husband’s medical training and delicacy, Guevarra knows hair, Tang’s specialty. For his selfless love and support, he regards his spouse as the best husband in the world.

Guy Tang and his husband
Guy Tang and his husband

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On September 22, 2019, the multitalented YouTuber tweeted a photo with a sweet caption. He wrote in the caption how his husband had been his constant pillar and biggest cheerleader. Tang wrote Till I Found You for his hubby to honor all he’s done. The song shows how Tang’s husband has changed his life for the better.