Is Greg Davies Still Dating His Politician Girlfriend Or Is She His Wife

Greg Daviesiii

Greg Davies, the host of The Taskmaster, prefers to keep his personal life private. On his social media accounts, there isn’t much information about him.

However, we do know that he had a long-term relationship with a politician. His acting career has been a smash hit, with roles in films that catapulted him to stardom. He even wrote and starred in a four-season comedy series called Man Down.

Greg Daviesiii
Greg Daviesiii

Davies claimed that the series was based on his own life.

Davies expressed gratitude to an ex-girlfriend who persuaded him to pursue a career in comedy in an interview with The Times (via Hello).

Similarly, Davies went on to say that he wanted to be in show business but lacked the courage to do so.
Despite revealing his ex-advice, girlfriend’s the actor keeps his personal life under wraps.

Greg Daviesiii
Greg Daviesiii

However, this hasn’t stopped internet users from speculating about whether he has a wife. As a result, there was quite a stir.

Is there a Wife for Greg Davies?

The Inbetweeners star has had his share of bad luck, and his life hasn’t always been easy, including his relationship with Labour Party leader candidate Liz Kendall.

After an eight-year relationship, the couple split up in 2015.

Greg Daviesiii
Greg Daviesiii wife

His fans were disappointed to learn that the man who brought a smile to everyone’s face was single.

Greg Davies and his ex-girlfriend Kendall had been together for a long time and shared home. Just weeks before the general election, the couple called it quits.

“I am not going to be the kind of politician who does all that stuff about their private life because it’s very precious to me and important to me that I have that space that’s personal and just to me,” Kendall said in an interview with Mirror.
She insisted that while she and Davies were not dating, they were great friends. Kendall also stated that she was single and not looking for a partner following her breakup with Davies.

Greg Daviesiii
Greg Daviesiii

She went on to say that she and her ex-partner have no grudges against one another. Many people assumed Davies and his long-term girlfriend would marry.

The actor said nothing about his breakup and made no statements about it. He didn’t respond to Kendall’s interview and remained deafeningly silent throughout the ordeal.

Davies said he had “given up” on romance and love during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show (via Hello Magazine).

He joked about it on the show, saying that love wasn’t his strong suit. Davies was not ready for another relationship after his previous one ended, and that was the day he decided he wanted to be single for a while.

It’s difficult to figure out his relationship status because of his low-key lifestyle. He doesn’t appear to have a wife, but no information about his dating life is available.