Gillian Turner and Her Husband Are Africans

Gillian Turner

Alex Kramer is a seasoned design leader! Gillian Turner, a Fox correspondent, and her entrepreneur husband, Alex Kramer, have traveled a long distance from their native Africa to make a living in the United States. The astute reporter reportedly moved to the United States in 2012, shortly after graduating, and began working as a Fox News contributor in the years that followed. Turner enjoys traveling around her home country with her husband when she is not busy reporting the news for Fox.

Turner and her husband are South Africans.

Many questions about the reporter’s origins began to surface after he rose to prominence in the news scene. The now-Washington, D.C.-based correspondent responded to the questions on Twitter. She revealed that her father and her husband Kramer’s family were all from South Africa. A month later, in another tweet, the Fox News host revealed that her father’s side of the family was all Capetonians — specifically, Capetonians from Cape Town. Turner is of African descent, but her husband, Kramer, is also from Cape Town. Strika Entertainment, Africa’s largest kids entertainment media company, is co-founded by him.

Gillian Turner
Gillian Turner (Source: Google)

Turner’s Husband

Kramer is an accomplished design leader and team builder with more than fifteen years of experience in strategy, product discovery and development, and design thinking methodologies. After successfully launching Strika’s flagship product Supa Strikas on major TV channels such as Disney and Nickelodeon, he relocated to the United States to work as a creative executive for Professional Risk Management Services. In 2010, he also sold it to Naspers.

He is now working full-time as the vice president of Optoro, his own company. Kramer also announced on Twitter on February 12, 2021, that her husband had officially become a US citizen. “I have some exciting personal news to share today,” she wrote. “My husband officially became a citizen of the United States.”

Turner Is Obsessed with Cape Town

Despite the fact that the married couple is busy with their respective callings, they, particularly Turner, do not let their work interfere with their roots. The popular TV personality’s Instagram is either full of photos from the newsroom or from her beloved Cape Town. With so many images of her hometown, you’d think Turner works in South Africa rather than the United States. However, it appears that the reporter takes every opportunity to visit her hometown on vacation.


Turner visited the Lions Head Mountain in Cape Town in May 2018 during a visit to her hometown. She followed up her summer vacation in 2018 with another vacation in January 2019. This time, she went to a vineyard in Cape Town with mountains in the background. The Columbia University alumna had a great time horseback riding on Cape Town’s crystal white Noordhoek beach. The 38-year-old newscaster’s friends and family were involved in the December incident, which occurred during a casual beach stroll with her father and husband.

Her husband and father

Turner’s visit to Cape Town in December 2019 was the last of his vacation there. It’s only because of the current situation that she hasn’t visited her hometown in a while. No matter how much the former The Hill columnist adores Cape Town, putting everyone in danger is not worth it.