George Russell Salary: How Much He Earn As A Formula 1 Driver: Contract Deal And Wiki

George Russell

Driver Salary in Formula One often makes headlines, with the highest earners bringing in huge amounts of money. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, both of whom receive salaries in excess of $30 million as of 2024, stand out in this aspect. Despite the start of the budget cap period, top-tier drivers continue to win rich contracts, and George Russell is one name who is creating noise.

Salary Structure of F1 Drivers in 2024

The financial benefits in Formula One’s high-stakes arena may be enormous. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are presently the highest-paid drivers, with salaries far in excess of $30 million. The budget cap period has brought about some financial constraints, but it is insufficient to limit the earning potential of the sport’s best players. This leads us to investigate George Russell’s remuneration, a rising star in the Formula One world.

George Russell

George Russell’s Salary in comparison to His Peers

While Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are the top earners, George Russell isn’t far behind. He is expected to earn £6 million in 2024, putting him in the same class as Lando Norris and above of drivers like as Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly. Russell’s developing reputation as a powerful driver is reflected in his remarkable earnings.

George Russell’s Salary Information

George Russell’s path to a multimillion-dollar salary is remarkable. During his time at Williams in 2020, he earned a very paltry £876,000. His prospects improved significantly when he joined Mercedes in 2022. According to reports, he currently earns between £5 million and a sizable $6.76 million. Russell is one of the best-paid young drivers in the sport, despite his income being dwarfed by Hamilton’s.

George Russell Contract Extension

George Russell’s latest contract extension with Mercedes, signed in September 2023, adds to the interest. This two-year commitment coincides with the contract expiry of Lewis Hamilton, sparking suspicion regarding the parameters of this renewed agreement. While the specifics are unknown, reports suggest that Russell will get a significant rise in the future seasons.

George Russell


In conclusion, despite not racing for one of the top two teams, George Russell has firmly established himself as one of the top-earning F1 drivers. His 2024 pay of £6 million puts him on par with other racers like as Lando Norris, displaying his excellent earning potential. While he may not be at the absolute top of the compensation scale, George Russell’s trajectory in Formula One suggests that he may reap even larger financial benefits in the future.