French Montana Siblings: Does French Montana Have A Sister?

French Montana

French Montana (born Karim Kharbouch on November 9, 1984) is a Moroccan-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. French Montana’s odyssey started in Rabat, Morocco, where he spent his first 13 years of existence. He moved to New York City’s South Bronx with his family in 1996. His lineage is a diverse combination of Moroccan and Somali ancestry.

His parents are both Moroccan, however, he has admitted to having Somali heritage. Notable mixtapes include the “Coke Wave” and “Mac & Cheese” series. His collaborations with other musicians, notably Max B, cemented his place in the hip-hop community. The song’s popularity showcased his ability to incorporate foreign elements into mainstream hip-hop. French Montana’s trip serves as a reminder of music’s ability to cross civilizations and unite individuals from all backgrounds.