Frank Grimsley Used His Cash Prize To Pay Off His School Debt After Winning “The Circle”

Frank Grimsley

Frank Grimsley was named the most popular player on The Circle during season four. He also got a $150,000 cash award for his victory, which he utilized to pay off his graduating school debt. The Circle started on May 4, 2022, with competitors living in an apartment and engaging in the game show through an app using their actual or catfish identities. Trevor and Frank were in the last two in the May 25 finale, with the latter emerging as the show’s champion.

Frank Grimsley is the champion of The Circle s4

Frank Grimsley’s life has changed for the better now that he has $150,000 in his bank account. He not only paid off his debt, but he is no longer in financial trouble. In an interview with Parade, he stated:

“My issue used to be that I didn’t have any money.” I was living paycheck to paycheck. And it’s no longer that. I can obtain what I want if I truly want it, even if I shouldn’t.”

Frank Grimsley

Before joining The Circle, the 29-year-old from Maryland worked as a “school social worker.” He joined the program to inspire other black people around the nation and show them that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. In an interview with Us Weekly, he stated:

“I wanted to show people that I, as a Black guy, a Black homosexual man, and a Black plus-size man, can be popular in a game.” In the game, I wanted to exhibit representation. A visual depiction, not just for those viewing but also for the other participants. That we can survive and prosper in this environment on television.”

Grimsley had no employment and a negative bank account after graduating from college. His situation was so poor that he was nearly evicted, but he received an offer from an event organizing business to hold their program Swim Soirée. He was even approached to be a panelist for a plus-size shopping firm. Grimsley eventually turned to storytelling to make ends meet.

Frank Grimsley

After that, the digital creative worked as a licensed therapist, DMV content developer, and storyteller. He even promotes companies on his Instagram profile and travels to various locations to test out new ideas. Grimsley most recently co-hosted Big Boys Brunch Too Sunday brunches with social media model Vonnie.

Recap of The Circle Season 4 conclusion

Grimsley opted to block Nathan after being chosen as the season’s last influencer and given the opportunity to anonymously block anyone participant on The Circle (aka Alex). Yu Ling, Rachel, Imani (aka Trevor), and Everson were rescued from the chopping block. During the show’s final rankings, competitors were asked to rank each other in order to determine the champion. The following were the final season 4 finale rankings:

  • Frank Grimsley took first place.
  • Imani aka Trevor came in second.
  • Yu-Ling came in third place.
  • Rachel came in fourth place.
  • Everson came in fifth place.

Grimsley was declared The Circle season 4 champion after finishing first. Fans were overjoyed with his victory and flocked to Twitter to congratulate him. Grimsley won $150,000 when Spice Girls Emma and Mel B (as Jared) boosted the prize money from $100,000 to a staggering $150,000, much to the joy of the contestants.