Fetty Wap Net Worth: What’s His Worth? Lifestyle And Career Highlights

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is a well-known rapper with an estimated net worth of $8 million. He is well renowned for his distinct musical genres, which combine grandiose drums, appealing lyrics, and melodies. He is a well-known American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who was born with glaucoma. “Fetty” is a slang term for money, and “Wap” is a nod to one of his musical influences, Gucci Mane, often known as GuWop. Feet Wap quickly rose to prominence with the release of his first track, Trap Queen.

After beginning his career in the music business, he began to amass fortune. His tracks have sold over a million copies, earning him Platinum status. He has recording deals with 300 entertainment and RGF record companies. Fetty Wap has worked with some of the industry’s biggest artists.

Income and Net worth

Fetty is a designer and artist. He has amassed a $8 million net worth as a result of the success of his music’s commercial and the stock market. He is an expert at earning money. Wap’s breakthrough song Trap Queen was certified seven times platinum, selling over 7 million copies in the United States and about 10 million copies globally. Similarly, “My Way” was certified double-platinum, while “679” was certified 5* Platinum, selling over 5 million copies worldwide. Fetty Wap’s music has always been steady. In 2020, he released a new mixtape titled Trap and B, which he refers to as his music genre.

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap singles have significantly enhanced his earnings. The stock market is another source of revenue for Fetty. He puts his money into stocks. With the assistance of his two business managers, he was able to turn $1.3 million into $20 million in the stock market in 2016. He generates money via song and album sales, YouTube, touring, clever stock investments, large real estate holdings, video games, social media, and sponsorship arrangements.


Fetty is a popular American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Willie Junior Maxwell devotes a significant amount of time, effort, and money to music videos. Gucci Mane is his musical hero. In his works, he incorporates both rapping and singing. Similarly, Fetty has been consistently producing hits and teaming with several celebrities to make mixtapes. Similarly, his work has helped him garner scores of nominations and accolades, including a Grammy. Fetty desires a life of luxury. He is into ATVs, vehicles, dirt bikes, pets, jewelry, and other things.

He is also a big lover of expensive watches. Padma piggy for $30,000, 43-millimeter edema piggy with 26 carats of diamond, iced Patek Phillipe notions watch worth $70,000, and so on are among his collections. He appears in an episode of the GQ jewelry series in 2018 to show off his luxury jewels. Similarly, he has a piggy skeleton, a mystery chain, a Cuban bracelet, and so on. Wap is inspired by Haitian culture, and he often wears the Haitian flag in memory of his daughter’s late grandma.

During his youth, the rapper had artificial eyes, which caused him to often get into fights and bully. As he got older, he felt more at ease in his own self and accepted his condition by removing his prosthetic eye. Willie Junior Maxwell was charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, changing lanes improperly, and assault. Similarly, Fetty is not hesitant to express himself. His business ambition is to build a club in Atlanta, Fetty Wap’s favorite city. Willie Junior Maxwell uses the dollar notes emoji on his Snapchat verified account.

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap’s Charities

In 2018, Willie Junior Maxwell sponsored a supermarket charity event at ShopRite in Center City Mall in New Jersey. In addition, during Easter, He presented gift cards to families at the grocery. Similarly, he mostly supports youngsters and individuals from his hometown since he has seen people striving to overcome poverty and adversity in his area. Fetty has also donated turkeys on Thanksgiving since 2015.

Fetty Wap’s Career

Willie Junior Maxwell is a producer by trade and one of the most well-known American rappers and vocalists in the world. He is well-known for his illiterate R&B approach. Fetty Wap attributes his singing abilities to his mother. His life ambition is to be a father. Willie Junior Maxwell launched his career in 2014 with the release of his first song, Trap Queen. Following its debut, the song drew the attention of a large number of listeners.

Fetty Wap maintained the momentum by releasing the Coke Zoo mixtape alongside French Montana on October 26, 2015. Within a few months of its release, it had over 130 million plays on SoundCloud and over 500 million views on YouTube. Many of his songs have reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and have received multi-platinum and silver certification in Italy, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark, and other countries. During his music career, he was named to XXL magazine’s list of newbies and had several shutouts from store colleagues. He also collaborated with the famed girl group Fifth Harmony on a track.  In 2015, he made history by breaking Eminem and Lil Wayne’s prior records.

He became the first male rapper to have three singles in the Billboard Hot 100’s top 20. Wap developed his own mobile racing video game in 2016 on a variety of devices, including phone, iPad, and Apple TV. Similarly, he developed the game in collaboration with well-known automakers like as Nissan, BMW, and Cadillac. Trap Queen (Song, 2015), Coke Zoo (Album, 2015), Fetty Wap (Album, 2015), and Bet Awards (Best New Artist 2015) are some of his career highlights.