Fans Empathize VH1 Couples Retreat Star Jess when Daniel Said That He Didn’t Love Her

After a tumultuous season debut, VH1 Couples Retreat resumed on Monday night. The episode, titled Build the Wall, featured the five couples discussing the difficulties in their relationships. This week, Jess said that she required more closeness and tenderness from her relationship. Daniel said that he didn’t love Jess enough to give her what she wanted. Participants at the Couples retreat participated in a group exercise in which they envisioned the hurdles in their relationship as part of the Couples retreat. If they had a problem with money, intimacy, commitment, patience, or anything else, they had to pick the appropriate Lego block and construct a wall.

While the tension remained persistent throughout this activity, people were drawn to Jess and Daniel’s dialogue. Jess responded that she wasn’t jealous when Daniel put a block indicating she was. She said that the major stumbling point in the relationship was love.

“I’m accustomed to receiving attention. Kiss me back if you want to kiss me. I’m want more s*x.”

Daniel had an opposing viewpoint to what Jess was requesting. He said that closeness and love go hand in hand and that both need time and tolerance for him. He said,

“You have to wait for everything worth your time. Rome was not constructed overnight. So, in terms of love and romance, we’re not in a position where we’re in love. We adore each other, but we are not in love.”

Daniel’s revelation in front of the group stunned Jess. She revealed during her confessional,

“What am I doing here? It’s not even about him denying his love for me. It’s because he had to say it in front of everyone. You had no choice but to make it known.”

Claudia suggested that Jess speak out after seeing the heated debate. She went on to say that Daniel humiliated Jess in front of everyone, which put her in an unpleasant situation. Fans who saw the show were taken away and said that it was past time for Jess to move on from Daniel.

Fans empathize with Jess when Daniel said on VH1 Couples Retreat that he does not love her.

Fans posted on Twitter that Daniel needs to leave if he didn’t want to continue humiliating Jess. Some others also said it was time for her to move on from him.

More information about what occurred in VH1 Couples Retreat Episode 2

Aside from shedding insight on the underlying challenges in Jess and Daniel’s relationship, there was additional turmoil. Due to their open relationship, Michael and his fiancee, Rada, had a heated dispute last week on the program. During the group exercise, Michael was asked whether he had any difficulties with Rada’s dedication. He said that he is devoted to Rada as a person. However, when it came to intimacy, he needed to be intimate with other women. Claudia, meantime, has spoken up about the difficulties in her relationship.

Jess hilarious

The VH1 Couples Retreat actress claimed that the problem in her relationship was KJ’s refusal to have children with her. KJ is already a parent, but he was hesitant to have children with her. Every Monday at 9 p.m. ET, VH1 Couples Retreat airs exclusively on VH1. Readers may find additional information in their local listings.