Fan Favorites Glenda And Lumumba Got Eliminated From “The Amazing Race”

Glenda And Lumumba

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, CBS’ The Amazing Race returned for an all-new episode, and it was nothing short of exciting. The remaining seven teams traveled to France for the race’s next leg. Glenda and Lumumba were evicted this week after being involved in an accident midway through, and people aren’t thrilled about it. Glenda and Lumumba Roberts, newlyweds, have been fan favorites since Season 34 of The Amazing Race started earlier this year. They departed 45 minutes after everyone else this week since they were the last team to arrive in the previous show.

Despite their best efforts to make up time and rejoin the rest of the squad, they were greeted by an unanticipated accident that snatched some time away from them once again. No matter how hard they tried, the duo was unable to keep up with the rest of The Amazing Race participants and came last at the pit stop once again.

Fans are outraged at Glenda and Lumumba’s expulsion from season 34 of The Amazing Race

Fans expressed their love for the newlywed pair on Twitter. A few people also said they wanted to see more of Glenda and Lumumba and begged The Amazing Race to add them to its All-Star squad so they could compete again.

Here’s a rundown of what occurred this week on The Amazing Race, season 34

As usual, the teams encountered a roadblock and a detour this week. The teams had to travel to France for the Roadblock. The film is titled Who Wants to Climb the Family Tree? The job asked one team member to research the ancestry of a family crest. The teams were then required to rappel down a castle and complete a memory test. Once accomplished, the teams received a hint for their next task. The teams had to travel down to La Ferme de Turnac to discover the next clue following their Roadblock. Glenda and Lumumba were involved in a small mishap on their journey when the former reversed their vehicle into a nearby ditch.

Glenda And Lumumba

The teams had to select between Walnut Cracker and Medieval Gamer for their Detour. In Walnut Cracker, teams had to crush, grind, and press walnuts to extract oil. Teams have to finish three games for Medieval Gamer. Finally, Michael and Marcus were able to outrun the competition and arrive first at the pit stop. Unfortunately, after dealing with many obstacles, Glenda and Lumumba arrived last and were evicted as a consequence.