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Failboat, whose real name is Daniel Michaud, is a YouTuber and gamer from the United States. Failboat is a well-known YouTuber whose content includes Minecraft games, funny videos, and collaborative live streams with other YouTubers such as The Failing Four, Exploring TNT, and Purple Shep.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Danial Michaud
Born Date:17 August 1995
Age:29 years
Lucky Number:4
Lucky Stone:Ruby
Lucky Color:Gold
Best Match for Marriage:Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Marital Status:single
Net Worth$934.3 thousand
Salary$166.84 thousand per year

Failboat Biography

Danial Michaud was born in the United States of America on 17 August 1995 (age 29). His parents’ identities are unknown, as are those of his siblings. He is an American by birth and a Leo by zodiac sign. From the start of his life, he was drawn to online games, videos, and sports. His personal life and family history are unknown.

According to reports, he studied abroad in Canada. He has not been forthcoming with details about his educational background and credentials.

Failboat Height And Weight

The 26-year-old YouTuber possesses exceptional body physics. Additionally, he has gained a large following due to his tall stature, amazing face, and charisma. According to reports, details about his physique and measurements are withheld.


Failbot is a well-known YouTuber and gamer who launched his channel in August 2011. His YouTube content is primarily comprised of gaming and live streams, with the most popular titles being super smashed bros ultimate, Kirby, and new games with a large following. He has two YouTube channels, the first of which is Failboat, which has 949k subscribers, and the second of which is Failboat’s stream storage, which has 150k subscribers.

His first YouTube video was Failbost’s Snow Golem Machine, which received approximately 75k views ten years ago. Both his fan base and views increased as a result of his positive response to the video. With approximately 3.2k views, his second video was Failboat’s Snow Golem Machine RELOOK 1. The sooner his videos gained more views and subscribers, the better.

Among the million-view videos are ‘Adding horror to Animal Crossing’ with 1.2 million views and Pokemon sword, but some funny stuff happens with 1.2 million views. Similarly, other videos include Animal Crossing but no safety, which has 934k views, and Animal Crossing but no safety, which has 887k views.

His YouTube channel Failboat features the best of animal crossing videos, pokemon sword, and nuzlocke: pokemon die when they faint. Similarly, his other channel, Failboat, has a stream storage area dedicated to live gaming videos. One of his videos, ‘The Ultimate Woomy,’ garnered approximately 841k views three years after it was streamed.

More On Career

Previously, he was a part of Exploring TNT’s videos, but now he has his own YouTube channels and focuses exclusively on them. Additionally, he is seen collaborating with other YouTubers. He is most frequently seen in The Failing Four, Exploring TNT, and Purple Shep videos. The failing four is a collaborative YouTube channel comprised of four individuals, Failboat, Cyrus, Jaymoji, and GG (Gabriel Gaming), that covers a variety of games such as Minecraft and Mario Party.

Similarly, the sailboat was previously featured in one of Exploring TNT’s YouTube videos. Additionally, he and purple shep are extremely close. They met in the middle of 2016, and sailboat also assisted him with the preparation of his first YouTube video. Additionally, he is referred to as uncle Failboat. His YouTube channel continues to grow in popularity, as does the number of views.

He has already received a silver play button due to his subscribers on both of our YouTube channels. He will also be a part of the Golden play button shortly.

Failboat Net Worth

According to his career trajectory, he will be one of the top-earning YouTubers in 2024, with a net worth of approximately $667.36 thousand as of  February 2024. This is only an estimate of his income, but when other sources of income are considered, he has an estimated net worth of $934.3 thousand or more. His annual income is $166.84 thousand.

Failboat Girlfriend, Dating

Failboat is single and unattached. According to reports, the 26-year-old YouTuber previously had one relationship. However, the specifics remain unknown.