Everything You Need To Know About Melanie Da Cruz Lovelife, Net Worth And Many More

Melanie Da Cruz

Melanie Da Cruz is a model who is best known as Anthony Martial’s partner and fiancée. She is a French reality show star. Her work in Secret Story established her as a well-known actress. She has 2.4 million Instagram followers and is also a social media influencer.

Quick Facts About Melanie Da Cruz

Full NameMelanie Da Cruz
Date of Birth7 May 1991
Height/How tall?
ProfessionReality Star
Father NameN/A
Mother NameN/A
Gender IdentityFemale
Is Married?Yes
Is Gay?
Net Worthbetween $1 Million – $5 Million

How Her Love Story Began With Anthony Martial (Also Includes Love Story Of Her Now Partner And His Ex-Wife And Stories)

Her love story began when Anthony dumped his ex-wife and partner Samantha Jacquelinet. Their relationship was going well until the Manchester United striker made his move to Old Trafford. She has accused her ex-partner of ruining her life.

Melanie explained that Anthony changed after earning more money and began to feel like a king. She also stated that young girls were throwing themselves at him and attempting to touch him at all costs. Her partner was cheating on her, which shocked her to the core.

She explains that before moving to United, he had never seen another girl other than her, but that everything changed. Anthony was bored with her and referred to her as grandma as well. He’d given up on her. Martial was only 17 years old when they met.

They have a daughter named Peyton. She explains that on Instagram, girls were sending him a lot of sexy pictures, which changed him.

Anthony Martial
Anthony Martial

Her current partner previously cheated on his ex-wife with another model

Samantha also claimed Martial had an affair with Emily Wademon. She claimed they stayed in a hotel together for the night. Martial had also accused his ex-wife and business partner of being a gold digger, which upset her. Samantha had Peyton at the age of 18, and Martial at the age of 21.

Martial had spent the night in a luxury hotel with Emily Wademan, a 25-year-old model, and it was nearly over. The shocking story about him cheating on his wife tore her apart, and the couple split up. Martial began dating her after their relationship had already come to an end (Melanie).

What Was There Beginning Like?

Melanie and Martial began talking on the phone. This was during a national-level game between the French National Team and Martial. During this time, Martial had blocked Samantha’s phone number and was already having an affair with Melanie. Martial now communicates with Samantha’s mother to meet his first daughter Peyton.

Lovely Son

Swan Martial is the name of her partner’s son. He was born in 2018 and is now one year old. He is very cute, and she enjoys spending time with the people in her life. Here’s a screenshot of her Instagram bio, where she describes her son as her life.

She described him as her entire world. Her fiancé and partner were thrilled when her son was born, and he thanked God for blessing him with a second child, as well as for his baby son’s good health.

Adorable Interactions Between Her and Swan

Her son is adorable, and she enjoys spending time with him. She posted this picture on her Instagram account on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2019, and the mother-son duo is having a wonderful time together. Her son is dressed in a red t-shirt and looks adorable in it. She captioned this photograph, “Joyeux…..”

Swan is attempting to force the bubble to pop. He is dressed in a Manchester United Logo T-shirt and appears to be a dream. She is watching her son play in this one. This image was published on December 3rd, 2019. Bring a smile to your face…She captioned this one, “Parce….”

Samantha Jacqueline is his ex-and wife’s partner’s first child

Her partner has two children, one son Swan from her, one daughter Peyton from his first relationship, and a wife Samantha Jacquelinet. Peyton Martial is Anthony’s first daughter’s name. She is adorable and now lives with her mother. The couple has now divorced and had many problems in their relationship.

Her and Her Life Partner’s Net Worth

According to some sources, Melanie Da Cruz has a net worth of 110 million dollars as of March 2024, but this has not been confirmed and is still being investigated. Anthony, her life partner, has a staggering net worth of 30 million Euros, equal to 25 million pounds.

His current market value is 65 million Euros, which is a staggering sum. It also demonstrates how successful he has been in his career.

How did her partner and boyfriend make that money, and what is his salary?

Anthony earns a fantastic salary of 4,600,000 Euros per year, divided into 0.15 Euros per second. His hourly wage is 524 euros and he earns 8.73 euros per minute. He is paid 12,568 Euros per day.

Her way of life, Foodie.

She is a foodie and enjoys eating. She enjoyed Korean and Japanese cuisine and posted this photo on December 30, 2018, while enjoying her delicacy. As evidenced by her smile, she enjoys the food.

Travels a lot

She is a traveler who enjoys exploring new places. She shared this photo from a recent vacation she took with a partner. The couple traveled to Egypt, and this photo was posted on Instagram on May 17, 2019. She captioned this photo, “Pyramid….”


  1. She was born in 1991, so she is 32 years old in 2024.
  2. Her birthday is May 7th, and her zodiac sign is Taurus.