Esteban Chavez Jr An UPS Driver Passed Away Due To Heat Stroke

Esteban Chavez Jr

Esteban Chavez Jr., a UPS carrier, died from a suspected heat stroke on Saturday, June 25, 2022. He was discovered unresponsive while delivering a package in Southern California and was subsequently declared dead. Chavez, who had just turned 24 the day before the terrible occurrence, allegedly slumped in his car in Pasadena. According to officials, he was discovered unconscious inside his truck by the owner of the property he had brought mail to twenty minutes later.

Esteban Chavez’s family blames his death on heat stroke

As temperatures in Southern California continue to spike, Chavez’s family has blamed his death on heat stroke and dehydration. The teenage UPS worker was discovered unconscious at the junction of Sequoia and Glenover drives, according to his father, Esteban Chavez Sr. He had just recently returned to work on June 24th, after a shoulder ailment.


Esteban Chavez Sr., distraught and in mourning, said that by the time assistance arrived for his son, it was too late. He said to KTLA:

“He passed out on his vehicle seat. By the time anybody recognized what had happened, which was the owner of the home where he had delivered the box, it was around 20 minutes after my kid had fainted. It was definitely too late by the time the first responders arrived.”

Chavez, who had just celebrated his birthday on Friday, really appreciated his employment. His father noted that he had worked for UPS for four years. Though the official cause of death is unknown, his father blames his son’s sudden demise on the extreme heat.

Esteban Chavez Jr

With temperatures in Pasadena predicted to reach beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the coming days, the National Weather Service has issued heat warnings that will be in force from Sunday morning until 8 p.m. Monday. The National Weather Service has warned that extreme heat will cause an alarming spike in heat-related ailments.

In an interview with KTLA, Esteban Chavez Sr. blamed his death on the demanding working conditions:

“Everyone knows how hot it is out there, and those vehicles are a hot box. They have all these people going about delivering things and attempting to achieve their quotas and complete their tasks.”


UPS issued a statement in which they expressed their sorrow at his death and offered their sympathies to his family and friends. Despite his grief, the bereaved father expressed his desire to believe that God had a “calling” for his son. The Chavez family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist with burial and memorial ceremony costs. Officials have emphasized the necessity of keeping hydrated and cool as much as possible in order to withstand excessive temperatures.