Eshal Fayyaz Leaked Viral Video: What Did She Do? Account Hacked

Eshal Fayyaz

As a result of her Facebook account being hacked, Eshal Fayyaz’s leaked video has become popular on social media. Here’s additional information about it. Eshal Fayyaz is a well-known Pakistani television actress and model. Fayyaz started her career as a model before moving on to the television profession. Furthermore, Eshal rose to prominence after obtaining a key part in the drama series Abro. Similarly, her cinematic debut came with her appearance in Kaaf Kungna. Fayyaz has been in several advertising in addition to television programs and films. She has a large following based on her social media accounts as a result of her many endeavors. Eshal is now the buzz of the town after her Facebook account was hijacked.

Eshal Fayyaz’s Video Has Gone Viral

Eshal Fayyaz, a Pakistani television actress, is making news online, with her pirated footage circulating across several social media sites. Everyone has been looking for her leaked film in which a woman is seen getting engaged in an intimate activity. However, the film is a forgery, and Eshal is not the person seen in it. Despite this, several unauthorized sources on social media have been distributing bogus films and spreading misleading news about Fayyaz.

Eshal Fayyaz

According to this, the news and videos were fabricated only to get views and likes. After that, everyone reported the video. Meanwhile, Fayyaz’s leaked video gained global attention when her official Facebook account was hacked.

Eshal Fayyaz’s Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

As previously stated, Eshal Fayyaz’s leaked video is becoming viral, and it all began when her Facebook account was hacked. Fayyaz has over 449k followers on Twitter. The Facebook page was hacked, and as a result, the page started publishing a series of private videos. The hack occurred more than two days ago. The website has been continually posting videos that seem to be stolen from movies. People were first perplexed, and they started to wonder whether the account had been hacked.

“Eshal Fayyaz’s page has been hacked?” a Facebook user asked. “I believe the account has been hacked,” said another. Following that, her fans and followers started questioning her and waited for a comment from the actress. So she’s already addressed all of the rumors.

Eshal Fayyaz Responds to Facebook Hack and Video Leak

Eshal Fayyaz’s Facebook account was hacked, and she is now becoming viral. Following that, the page started to share explicit films, which drew the attention of many individuals. It’s been a few days since her Facebook account was hacked. She has been bombarded with inquiries for explicit films.

Eshal Fayyaz

Many people assumed Eshal was the one who posted the footage at first. Her account was hacked, thus there is no truth to it. She then resorted to social media to tell the facts. Eshal contributed to the story’s creation.

“Hello, Everyone, my official Facebook page has been hacked and hijacked. The hackers are distributing truly heinous stuff, and I am powerless to stop them.”

Eshal also reported the account, however, the videos had not been removed as of the time of writing.