Emilia Clarke Suffered From Brain Aneurysms While Shooting Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke

On BBC One’s Sunday Morning on July 17, the 35-year-old celebrity explained how surprised she was to be able to live without penalties.

“Considering how much of my brain is no longer useable, it’s amazing that I can talk, sometimes articulately, and live my life fully regularly with no ramifications.” “I am in a very, very, very tiny fraction of individuals who can withstand that.”

Clarke previously discussed how she had two brain aneurysm procedures in 2011 and 2013.


What is an aneurysm, and how did Emilia Clarke get one?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a brain aneurysm is a protrusion or bulging in the brain’s blood arteries. This is produced by a compromised blood vessel wall and often appears like “a berry dangling on a stem.” According to the website, the aneurysm may break or leak, causing bleeding between the brain and the tissue that covers it. This swiftly becomes life-threatening and needs medical intervention.

Clarke mentioned her brain scans during a health update, saying:

“There’s a lot lacking!” Which makes me chuckle every time. Because strokes occur when any portion of your brain does not get blood for even a second. As a result, the blood takes an alternative path to go around, but whatever portion is absent is lost.”

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke fought aphasia, an illness that impairs a person’s capacity to talk and communicate, after suffering from aneurysms. She also described how intense it was, saying she couldn’t remember her own name at one point. The Me Before You actress also discussed regularly vomiting and feeling “excruciating agony” as a result of aneurysms, but she claimed that Game of Thrones helped her get through it.

“Having Game of Thrones sweep me up and give me that purpose was very beneficial.”

Emilia Clarke came to Instagram in 2019 to post photographs from the hospital after undergoing surgery for her ailment. The Above Suspicion actress admitted to CBS Sunday Morning that the first time she had the surgery was challenging, and the second time, “I found it harder to be cheerful.” Clarke previously claimed to not be able to see herself in the mirror because her face was bloated with medications, according to news source Complex. She allegedly stated:

“I didn’t want to look at myself after my surgery. I had a lot of water retention from being in the hospital, and one part of my face was pretty bloated.”

Emilia Clarke

The actress went on to say:

“I was quite ugly. What I can see now is that there is anguish behind my eyes. And nothing can compensate for it.”

Emilia Clarke established the SameYou charity in 2019 with the purpose of generating money to provide simple access to neuro-rehabilitation after a brain stroke or damage.