Dylan Bauer-Everything You Need To Know About The Son Of Steven Bauer

Dylan Bauer

Dylan Bauer is the famous son of American actor Steven Bauer, who was born in Cuba. As a professional witch, he has chosen one-of-a-kind employment.

Steven is a well-known and renowned actor recognized for his outstanding performances in films and television shows. On July 4, 1960, when he was three years old, he came to the United States for the first time. To identify himself to others, he began to use the name Steven rather than his real name, Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson. He began his acting career in 1977 and has been doing so ever since.

Quick Facts About Dylan Bauer

Full NameDylan Bauer
First NameDylan
Last NameBauer
Date of Birth1990
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameSteven Bauer
Father ProfessionCuban-American actor
Mother NameIngrid Anderson
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsAlexander Bauer


Dylan has not yet married. He has no reports of dating or being in a relationship. He avoids discussing his personal life in public. Steven, his father, has a complicated relationship past. Melanie Griffith was Steven’s wife. On September 8, 1981, they were married. They have a son called Alexander Griffith Bauer who was born to them. In 1989, they terminated their nine-year marriage owing to a misunderstanding.

Dylan Bauer
Dylan Bauer (Source: Google)

Steven later married Ingrid Anderson, with whom he had a son called Dylan Bauer. They divorced in 1991 because of their growing disagreements. Steven married Christiana Boney on June 27, 1992, after their divorce. In 2002, they called it quits. On December 28, 2003, Steven married Paulette Miltimore. On September 18, 2012, they divorced after nine years of marriage. Steven began dating Lyda Loudon, who is 39 years his junior. They received a lot of flak from the public, but they stuck together and had something unique, according to Steven. They began dating in 2014, however owing to their large age difference, the relationship did not last, and they split up after a year. Steven has a new girlfriend named Jennifer Brenon.


Dylan does not yet have any children. He is presently preoccupied with his job. Steven is the father of two boys, Alexander and Dylan. Alexander is 35 years old and prefers to remain out of the spotlight.

Father who is helpful

Dylan stated that his father has always accepted him for who he is and has never stopped or attempted to stop him from doing what he enjoys. He also shared a photo of himself and Steven on Instagram for Father’s Day, thanking Steven for always being there for him and embracing him for who he is.

Dylan Bauer
Dylan Bauer (Source: Google)


Dylan has just one sibling, a half-brother called Alexander Bauer. Alexander has another half-sister, Dakota Johnson, as a result of his mother’s second marriage. Dakota Johnson, an actress, is another well-known figure in the entertainment business. He hasn’t revealed anything about his work life so far.

Net worth

Dylan’s net worth is unknown since he has not declared it. Steven, his father, has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of January 2024. His primary source of revenue comes from the films, TV programs, and series he produces. He began his career with the PBS bilingual comedy Que Pasa, USA? Since then, he has played a variety of fascinating parts. To name a few, he is well-known for his roles in Breaking Bad, Scarface, and Better Call Saul. He has also featured in a number of music videos and worked on video games.