Drake Callender Wiki: Where Are Their Parents From? Family and Ethnicity

Drake Callender

Who are Drake Callender’s parents? Where does his uniqueness fit in? The player has received a lot of plaudits for his outstanding performance in the League Cup Championships. Drake Steven Callender is an American professional soccer goalkeeper for the Major League Soccer team Inter Miami.

Drake Calender, 25, started his youth career with Cap FC United in 2010. He then began his collegiate career with the California Golden Bears in 2016. Drake joined Inter Miami in November 2019 after a transaction between the two teams. Finally, on May 7, 2021, he made his professional debut against Union Omaha.

Where Are Drake Callender’s Parents From?

Drake Callender was born on October 7, 1997, in Sacramento, California, in the United States. Drake keeps information about his parents and siblings to himself. He seldom ever speaks about his mother and father. They are known to be inhabitants of California, United States. Furthermore, Mr. and Mrs. Callender’s professional and personal information is unknown to the general public. Drake’s parents live a secluded life away from the spotlight of crowds and the media.

They are the footballer’s most ardent supporters because Drake’s father and mother’s love and confidence in their son have made him stronger and instilled in him the notion of never losing hope. Drake began his football career when he was thirteen years old. His parents accepted and appreciated his choice at the time, enabling him to join the football team. Initially linked with Sacramento football teams, Drake relocated to San Jose Earthquakes in 2013, which is 120 miles distant from his birthplace. His mother used to stay with him in his early days in San Jose. Because of his parents’ affection, he has never looked back, and Drake has his world-perfect support.

Drake Callender

Drake Callender is currently regarded as one of Inter Miami’s most popular and well-liked players. He rose to prominence at an early age and played with some of the world’s most renowned players. Furthermore, Drake is on the same team as his idol, Lionel Messi. Drake’s parents must be proud of their darling son and remain by his side in both happy and sad moments.

Drake Callender’s Ethnicity

Drake’s parents and grandfather are Sacramento natives. His forefather’s descent, on the other hand, may be traced back to the Pictish people of Scotland. According to house names, Callender was the first surname adopted by descendants of ancient Scots. During the seventeenth century, Callenders moved to Virginia, Boston, Philadelphia, and California. Thus, Drake Callender might be a descendant of Callender’s forefathers’ Californian immigrants. Drake Callender is of American nationality and black heritage.

Drake Callender’s Girlfriend Kyra Aaliyah

Drake Callender, goalie for Inter Miami, is engaged to Kyra Aaliyah. Since their high school days, the pair has been dating since May 2014. Drake and Kyra exchanged engagement rings on December 2, 2022, after almost seven years of dating, and planned to marry on December 10, 2023. Drake and Kyra often spend their time and support for one another on their separate Instagram profiles.

Drake Callender

Kyra Aaliyah, Drake Callender’s girlfriend, is a digital developer and co-founder of Bride Club, a clothing business. It is more prone to attractive wedding gear, accessories, and clothing. Kyra, like Drake Callender, was born and raised in America and has American citizenship.