DJ D Baby A Houston Rapper Passed Away At The Age Of 23

DJ D Baby

DJ D Baby, also known as Darian Lewis, died lately after allegedly falling from a balcony. Further information has not yet been made public. Terri Lewis, her mother, announced the news on Facebook on July 13. Two weeks before her death, she celebrated her 23rd birthday.

DJ D Baby cause of death

As previously stated, DJ D Baby died after allegedly falling from her balcony. In a Facebook post, her partner Nisha Jackson described the event in detail:

“I’ve chosen to break my quiet not for you all, but for her and me.” I’ve been depressed and in a lot of pain. This is from the bottom of my heart. I adore Darian with all of my heart. I was attempting to shield her.”

The article continued:

“She dashed to the terrace (never in a million years would I have predicted the following acts)… When she got into the patio chair, I ran from the door to her, but she collapsed before I could help her. “I truly saw and heard her fall right in front of my eyes.”

DJ D Baby

Darian Lewis, as DJ D Baby, was a well-known DJ and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. She became interested in DJing in high school and studied the talent while a student at Texas Southern University. Following her graduation, her family also provided her with the necessary equipment.

In an interview, Lewis stated:

“My name is DJ D Baby, and I just introduced myself.” The strange thing is, I couldn’t even DJ at the time. I regarded college as an opportunity to reinvent myself and embark on a new adventure. The rest will become history.”

She quickly started arranging events and building her industry network. Lewis claimed that being a woman in the male-dominated club music environment was the most difficult element of her work at the time.

DJ D Baby

She was thrilled to be Houston’s youngest female DJ, having made a reputation for herself in a short amount of time. Her gatherings grew in popularity, with her most recent birthday celebration drawing a large crowd. Aside from becoming a renowned DJ, she also founded The Hookah Heroes in Houston, which sold hookahs. Lewis’ net worth has been estimated to be over $60,000, the majority of which may be attributable to her work as a DJ. She not only received several sponsorships and brand endorsement contracts, but she also performed at numerous events.

Twitter users pay tribute

After the news of DJ D Baby’s death spread, Twitter was swamped with tributes. She has over 25,000 Instagram followers and approximately 9,100 Twitter followers. More information about her work, educational history, and parents is still unknown.