Dillon Jordan Was Sentenced To Five Years In Jail For Running A Prostitution Business

Dillon Jordan

Dillon Jordan, a film producer, was sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail on Thursday, February 9, for running a high-end prostitute business for seven years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dillon Jordan, 50, pled guilty on September 1, 2022, to running an international prostitution network via his production firm, PaperChase Films, from 2010 to 2017.

The producer, widely known for his work on films like The Kindergarten Teacher and The Kid, would illegally transport the women over state borders in order for them to conduct unlawful sexual activities for an exclusive clientele, many of whom were reputedly linked to Hollywood. According to the Department of Justice, Jordan pled guilty to violating the Mann Act, which prohibits the transportation of persons over state boundaries to engage in illicit sexual conduct. The court dropped many additional charges against him as part of the plea deal, including three counts of inducement, use of interstate commerce to encourage illicit activities, and money laundering.

Dillon Jordan’s activities have been condemned by victims and authorities alike.

US Attorney Damian Williams portrayed Dillon Jordan in court as a predatory person who used young women under the guise of finding them jobs in the entertainment business. According to Williams:

“For years, the defendant ran and benefited from a large (…) company that catered to affluent males and was dependent on the exploitation of young women. This Office is dedicated to pursuing perpetrators of (such) crimes, particularly those who benefit from physical and emotional abuse.”

Dillon Jordan

Jordan’s business required physical and verbal abuse, according to Judge Cronan, since he forced multiple women into working for him. According to the Judge:

“The whole business of (Jordan) was predicated on the exploitation of women… Each of whom has been left with lifelong physical and mental wounds… If I had the power, I could have easily gone beyond five years.”


According to US Attorney Audrey Strauss, although numerous counts against Jordan were dismissed as part of the plea deal, he utilized his production firm to launder huge sums of money. He also allegedly had a strong international network, engaging with traffickers in other nations such as the United Kingdom.

According to Strauss:

“As stated, Dillon Jordan maintained an enormous and far-reaching prostitution operation for years, concealing the earnings he generated from exploiting women via a phony event planning firm and a movie production company.”

Dillon Jordan

One lady revealed her experience in Jordan’s ring in an official declaration quoted by prosecutors, telling authorities that the producer even compelled her to consume narcotics. She stated:

“I recall being terrified as my eyeballs bounced back and forth in my brain from the medicines you had practically shoved into my mouth.”

According to CBS, Jordan spent eight years in Cuba on identical crimes prior to the new claims.