Dawnn Lewis Is Portrayed As A Prime Minister Angela Honig In “Young Rock” Season 3

Dawnn Lewis

Season 3 Episode 3 of Young Rock will premiere on NBC on Friday, November 18 at 8:30 p.m. EST. The episode, titled On the Ropes, will feature veteran actress Dawnn Lewis as Prime Minister Angela Honig. His official character description is as follows:

“Strong leader and harsh negotiator, however, her lifelong passion for professional wrestling might be the key to finding common ground in a current diplomatic issue.”

Honig is the newly-elected mayor of Gjelghiughm, a coffee-rich town, and her timeline begins in 2033. She will also feature in the show’s fourth episode, Night of the Chi-Chis.

Dawnn Lewis’s life, career, and public appearances

Dawnn Lewis was earlier featured in A Different World, another NBC comedy. Bill Cosby produced the comedy, which aired for six seasons from September 24, 1987, to July 9, 1993.¬†From season 1 through season 5, Lewis’ character, Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor, was a regular. Lewis co-wrote the theme tune for the successful program with Bill Cosby and Stu Gardner, in addition to starring in it. Vinson, the proprietor of Vinson-Taylor-Made Temps Corporate, was found to be a Hillman College alumni.

Dawnn Lewis is most known for her roles in Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper (ABC sitcom), I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (1988 film), Veronica Mars (2019), Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper (1992-93), and Better Call Saul (2015), among others.

Dawnn Lewis

As a voice actor, Lewis

Furthermore, the Brooklyn native has provided voice work for Bunyan and Babe (2017), Strange Frame: Love & Sax (2015), Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm (1996), Futurama (1999-2012), Heavy Gear: The Animated Series (2001-02), Carmen Sandiego (2017), and Carmen Sandiego (2017). (2019-21).

Lewis has also done voice work for video games like X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005), Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006), Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009), Tacoma (2017), and Fallout 76 (2018). Dawnn Lewis is now voicing Captain Carol Freeman from Star Trek: Lower Decks, which has received critical praise. Mike McMahan’s adult animated TV series is presently available on Paramount+, with the fourth season likely appearing next year.

Young Rock’s Lewis

Dawnn Lewis announced her collaboration with Young Rock on social media in September. She wrote with a picture of herself and Johnson:

“Can I just say what a pleasure it was to work with @therock! We genuinely laughed, sobbed (well, I cried, and he brought me tissues), traded back-in-the-day memories, and discussed everything under the sun.”


Dawnn Lewis described The Mummy Returns star Tom Cruise as a “kind, caring, tremendously busy guy,” adding that their “scenes together seemed like we’d known each other forever.” She mentioned:

“He has genuinely been blessed with talent, riches, support, opportunity, love, joy, wisdom, wise counsel, family, friends, and admirers from all over the globe…” And he is aware of and grateful for EVERYTHING!!”

Dawnn Lewis’s charitable work endeavors

Dawnn Lewis is well-known for her charitable work in addition to her role as a movie star. She is the founder and CEO of the A New Day Foundation, whose mission statement is:

“By contributing, you may create a new day of possibility.”

According to the foundation’s website, its goal is as follows:

“To offer financial and programmatic assistance for the empowerment and education of underprivileged adolescents; pro bono capacity building services to small/grassroots non-profits; and general support services in underserved areas.”