Darrin Hartness Obituary: How Did He Die? Death Cause & Wiki

Darrin Hartness

Learn about Darrin Hartness’s obituary as the North Carolina citizen died away on July 11, 2023. How did he pass away? Davidson-Davie Community College’s President was Darrin Hartness. He was designated the fourth president of Davidson-Davie Community College in January 2019. He served in public education for 27 years, most recently as superintendent of Mount Airy City Schools and Davie County Schools for 11 years before becoming a college president.

Hartness has also served as an adjunct professor, chief technology officer, assistant superintendent, and teacher, in addition to these posts. Dr. Hartness earned his Ph.D. in educational leadership as well as master’s degrees in curriculum and instruction and instructional systems technology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He earned a secondary education and a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology from Appalachian State University.

In 2017, Hartness was awarded the William and Ida Friday Medal for Educational Innovation. He also took part in the 2019 Aspen Presidential Fellowship, which was presented by The Aspen Institute in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative to a select group of community college administrators. In 2022, his colleagues elected Hartness to the position of Secretary of the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Association of Community College Presidents.

Darrin Hartness Obituary in North Carolina: Family Grieves

Darrin Hartness died tragically on July 11, 2023. As a consequence, the whole educational community, as well as residents of North Carolina, grieve Darrin’s death. However, the President’s last rituals have not yet been made public. Because his death was just announced a few hours ago, the formal obituary may take some time to appear online. For the time being, neither the Hartness family nor the North Carolina community have made the obituary public. However, the President’s funeral ceremonies will very certainly be done by his family, and he will be cremated at a nearby cremation.

Darrin Hartness

As they mourn his death, his family, friends, and community will find solace in the memories of his wonderful life. Similarly, his family will want seclusion while they grieve. His unwavering dedication to North Carolina’s educational system and compassionate leadership have had a tremendous influence on the lives of countless individuals.

During his tenure at Davidson-Davie, Dr. Hartness stressed establishing a compassionate and caring culture among students, professors, and staff. He understood the need of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for students to achieve academically and personally. Through various efforts, he encouraged community engagement, developed mentorship programs, and increased awareness of mental health concerns. Similarly, Hartness led with a kind and empathetic personality. He promoted team empowerment and created an atmosphere in which everyone felt heard and valued. Because of his genuine care for others, he became a revered figure in the campus community.

Darrin Hartness Cause of Death: How Did The Davidson-Davie Community College President Pass Away?

Darrin Hartness, President of Davidson-Davie Community College, died on Tuesday, July 11, 2023, after a gallant fight with cancer. Dr. Hartness was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in December 2022 and was battling the sickness with the help of his family and his religion. In response to this information, community college presidents and public school superintendents from around North Carolina joined together to establish a student scholarship fund. Dr. Hartness’ 39 years of service and lengthy career as an advocate for public education and child-centered education inspired the creation of the fund.

Darrin Hartness

Before joining DDCC, he was the superintendent of Davie County Schools and Mount Airy City Schools. The North Carolina Association of Community College Presidents (NCACCP) and the North Carolina School Superintendents Association (NCSSA) launched a $35,800 scholarship initiative in Hartness’ honor. Lisa Hartness was Hartness’ wife. The instructor and his wife, Lisa, have two children, Madison and Molly, after 33 years of marriage. Both daughters, like their parents, have developed successful careers in teaching. Madison is an assistant director of career counseling and academics at UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business, while Molly teaches sixth grade at Greensboro Academy.