Danielle Merrifield Was Chastised By Fans To Leave Her Polygamous Relationship

Danielle Merrifield

The Davises finished their weekend getaway tonight on Seeking Sister Wife, and Danielle said that she felt at ease in the environment. On the last night of the tour, Nick shared a bed with Danielle but stated that he awoke in the middle of the night to use the restroom and became intimate with April.

He described it as a “dream come true” to see all three of his wives together. After leaving Danielle off at her apartment, the three-spoke about how tough it would be for her to accept them and bring another lady into the relationship whom she may marry. Fans of Seeking Sister Wife believed Nick just want a sexual connection with all of the females. Fans also recommended Danielle, who is just 22, leave her polygamous arrangement. They thought Danielle seemed afraid of the situation.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife dislike Nick and want Danielle to quit his polygamous relationship.

Fans on Seeking Sister Wife thought Nick was behaving weirdly by sleeping with April while Danielle was sleeping. Danielle’s fans encouraged her to end their relationship.



What happened tonight on Seeking Sister Wife?

Brenda and Steve departed Texas after seeing Steve’s children tonight on Seeking Sister Wife. The two admitted to having a sleepless night after Steve’s daughter’s criticism of their polygamous relationship. Steve said that he would allow his daughter to go through the transition and that his door would always be open for Jayden to speak with him if she so desired.

Danielle Merrifield

Brenda met April, who had been dating Steve for three months, to work things out between them. Brenda had already expressed her dissatisfaction with their relationship during supper. April acknowledged that she needed more time with Brenda to get through their communication issues.

According to the episode synopsis,

“Brenda meets with April to assist better their communication; the Davises conclude their vacay with some reservations; Dannielle’s family expresses their concerns about Roberta visiting the United States, and Marcus Epps prepares for a date with a prospective sister wife.”

Danielle and Garrick video-phoned Roberta and asked her to pick up the paperwork from the office as soon as possible. The three encountered linguistic problems and communicated via mobile translators. They then ate lunch with Danielle’s brother Sam and his wife Samantha. Sam was concerned that Roberta would utilize the Seeking Sister Wife pair to get a green card and that Garrick would lose interest in Danielle if he had children with Roberta.

Danielle Merrifield

Marcus met Janae on a date and had no clue he was in a polygamous relationship. Janae met Marcus six years ago but has since lost touch with him. He and Taryn had been apart for some time at the time. He came late and delivered the bombshell before the two of them could finish their meal. Janae was perplexed by the statement and said that she would not have come to see him if he had told her the same thing over the phone. Marcus attempted to explain the advantages of living in a polygamous relationship, but Janae ate her supper quietly.