Daniel Lubetzky Assumed That Michelle Liberman Was Not Interested In Him

Daniel Lubetzky

Daniel Lubetzky is the millionaire businessman and social entrepreneur best known as the inventor of KIND Healthy Snacks, he has developed not only an established food empire but also a lasting friendship. They married Michelle Lynn Liberman for nearly 12 years and have four children. However, throughout the early stages of their relationship, the couple’s interactions were a little rocky.

Before getting married, Daniel Lubetzky and Michelle Lynn Liberman met at a Karaoke party.

Lubetzky’s wife, Dr. Michelle Lynn Liberman, is a nephrologist in New York with 20 years of experience. On March 3, 2008, the couple married at Rabbi Aryeh Scheinber’s San Antonio study. Rabbi David Rosen led the ceremony on Mexico’s Maroma Beach.

The future husband and wife met at a karaoke party two years before their wedding.
Lubetzky told his would-be bride at a Chinatown party in January 2006 that he had a bad back. “Excellent advice was given. I told him to take three or four over-the-counter ibuprofen tablets to reduce inflammation.” Liberman, NYT.

Daniel Lubetzky
Daniel Lubetzky (Source: Google)

Not unexpectedly, her suggestion worked like a charm, and he soon returned to his old self. He contacted the future Mrs. Lubetzky to thank her for the therapy, using his recuperation as an explanation. Unfortunately, she did not return his call at the time, but Lubetzky, being a determined entrepreneur, did not give up and contacted her again to ask her out.

Daniel Lubetzky Assumed Michelle Liberman was Intrested in Him.

Liberman stated she was busy on all the days PeaceWorks’ founder proposed for their next meeting. She told him to phone her on Saturday if she wasn’t in town over the weekend. Assuming that the excellent doctor was uninterested, he went on to date another lady for a few months. When that relationship ended, he resolved to mend fences with her and give it another go.

I was at a phase of my life when I only dated one person at a time “In an interview with The New York Times, Lubetzky discussed his sentiments at the time. In the same interview, Liberman confessed that she had been interested in Lubetzky from the first time he phoned but that she was legitimately busy at the time. She was astonished when he did not return her call.

Daniel Lubetzky scheduled a proposal date at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Lubetzky proposed to her a year later with the assistance of one of Liberman’s acquaintances. Lubetzky contacted one of Michelle’s hospital friends to change medicines. The hospital pharmacy paged her with a long list of medicine modifications. The final item was “to meet Mr. Lubetzky at the Mandarin Oriental hotel with a weekend luggage and evening gown.”

Daniel Lubetzky
Daniel Lubetzky (Source: Google)

Michelle couldn’t stop sobbing because she understood what it meant. He planned to propose, which he did, and the two have been together in a purportedly happy partnership since. Even though the wealthy entrepreneur seldom publishes photos of his wife on social media, his Twitter and Instagram bios both include “Michelle’s spouse.”