Daniel Boaventura’s Family Life After Divorceing With His Wife

Daniel Boaventura

Those who have watched Family Ties may remember Daniel Boaventura’s role, Alex. He is the father of two lovely daughters. He had them with Juliana Serbeto, his ex-wife. Joana, born in 2003, and Isabela, born in 2009, are the names of Boaventura’s daughters. After 13 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2011. Later in life, he married Maria Netto. Netto, like Boaventura, is an actress. After six years of marriage, the pair divorced in 2019.

Boaventura is a Brazilian world music musician who was born in Salvador, Bahia. The actor was born on May 19, 1970, and is now 51 years old. He is a full-fledged artist who sings, dances, and acts. Furthermore, he is perhaps one of the most popular heartthrobs in the art world’s history.

How Did Daniel Boaventura And His Wife Divorce?

Boaventura is an artist who is seldom a source of contention. After divorcing his ex-wife, he listed the house they had lived in for six years for sale. It was put up for sale for a stunning four million reais. The speculations about the family splitting started after Netto shared a selfie of a shattered heart while at a party. “He came in with his foot, and I came in with my a**,” Netto stated in a social media post. Boaventura was the one who listed the flat for sale. He said that he no longer wanted anything to do with his wife.

Daniel Boaventura
Daniel Boaventura

Daniel Boaventura’s Professional Career

The artist’s career took off after his success in Globo’s soap opera in 2000, his second appearance on the network (the first being in Hilda Furaço in 1998). Boaventura moved quickly from one job to the next. Among the soap operas he’s worked on are Laços de Famlia, Kubanacan (2003), Malhaço (2006, 2007, and 2008), Cama de Gato (2009), Passione (2010), and Guerra dos Sexos (War of the Sexes) (2009).

Boaventura’s most recent role as an actor was in the 2019 film Hebe: A Estrela do Brasil, in which he portrayed Slvio Santos. He was a part of two bands in high school: Hours Vacant and The Touches. Fernando Guerreiro, the director of Zás Trás, convinced him to join his production after witnessing one of the bands perform. He is most known in Brazil for his multiple theater performances in musicals. With the CD Songs 4 U, he made his singing debut in 2009. Over the course of his career, Boaventura has released three studio albums, four live DVDs, and a compilation CD. During his musical career, he toured seven times.

Daniel Boaventura’s Life After Divorcing With His Wife

Daniel Boaventura
Daniel Boaventura

Despite the fact that his family has split up, the artist spends a lot of time with his kids. He updates his Instagram account often, sharing with his followers the wonderful times he spends with his girls. He just shared a photo from his vacation to Disney World with his girls. “There are much too many selfies and grimaces for the bill.” “How about you? Tell me about a wonderful family vacation,” said the post’s translated caption.

Daniel Boaventura Wiki

Daniel Boaventura is a Brazilian stage actor best known for his numerous roles in musicals. He made his debut as a singer in 2009 with the album “Songs 4 U.”

In high school, he was a member of two bands: Hours Vacant and The Touches. Fernando Guerreiro, the director of Zás Trás, saw one of the bands perform and invited them to be in his production.

He has played the lead in musicals such as Peter Pan, My Fair Lady, Evita, and Chicago.