D-CRUNCH’s Dylan Stated That He Is Quitting The Group Due To Mental Health Issues


Dylan, D-hero, CRUNCH’s is quitting the band due to mental health issues. Dylan’s departure from the boy band was announced by AI Grand Korea on October 21, 2022, since the musician wanted to focus on his mental health. The statement explained the reasons behind the idol’s departure and offered the agency’s sadness. Dylan had previously withdrawn from all group activities owing to his poor health and increased worry. Dylan was hospitalized many times for significant periods of time owing to reoccurring anxiety disorders, according to a press statement made in November 2021.

D-CRUNCH will remain a six-piece band.

AI Grand Korea’s press statement on October 21, 2022, compassionately described the cause for D-departure Crunch’s Dylan’s and also informed fans of the K-Pop group’s future plans. The message started with an apology to the supporters. It said:

“Hello. It’s AI GRAND KOREA. To the fans that adore D CRUNCH, we apologize for informing you of such tragic news about member Dylan.”


The agency went on to say that the artist’s health was of the utmost concern. However, no solution was discovered that would allow the idol to remain a member of the group.

“We’ve assisted D CRUNCH member Dylan to rest in a stable setting and concentrated on his recuperation as medical specialists suggested, but we just obtained the medical opinion that returning [to the group] would be overdoing it.”


“After extensive negotiations with member Dylan and his parents, we’ve decided that to respect his personal and parents’ perspectives, Dylan will be departing D CRUNCH as of today. We sincerely regret for creating anxiety to many followers with this abrupt news.”

Following the tragic news, the agency went on to provide some relief. According to the statement:

“D CRUNCH aims to continue promotions as six members in the future, and we are presently doing all we can so that D CRUNCH can meet fans with new songs and performances in the near future.”

Further, the statement promised a fresh and enhanced image of the boy band:

“We want to continue doing all we can to assist the future of D-CRUNCH members.” We urge that you look forward to and keep an eye out for D-CRUNCH, who will be back with a fresh image.”


More about D-CRUNCH

D-CRUNCH started as a nonet in 2018 with rappers Hyunho, O.V, Minhyuk, Chanyoung, Jungseung, and Dylan, as well as singers Hyunwook, Hyunoh, and Hyunwoo. With many amazing mini-albums and singulars, the group achieved a flaming hit in its first two years. However, things began to deteriorate once idol Hyunwoo took a break and finally left the group in 2020. He was succeeded by Minhyuk, who quit the group in 2021 owing to a misalignment between the idol’s and the group’s aims and career goals. Addiction, the group’s most recent album, was released in March of this year.